Another public screwing

Democrats to bail out states

Here we go again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that the House will reconvene for a vote on the $26 billion state aid bill aimed at saving the jobs of teachers and other public employees, while giving the states a helping hand with Medicaid.

Nancy Pelosi, that paragon of fiscal virtue (she never saw a vote she couldn't buy with a bail-out buck) has called the Clowns of Congress back so they can shovel out another $26 billion in so-called 'aid'.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the timing of the vote by insisting, "This bill is a brazen attempt to funnel more money to public employee unions before an election at a moment of record deficits and debt.”

It's another bail out.

And it's another union bail out.

Teachers' unions; police unions; firefighter unions.

This bail out is so states and municipalities won't have to lay off public workers - teachers, cops, firefighters, mostly all union members with fat, tax-payer funded pensions and retirement benefits packages.

Like PERA.

Rather than call for the unions to knock off their self-serving crap, Pelosi and the Democrats are going to fiscally fellate those unions.

And you and I, wondering when the hell when or even if we'll ever be able to retire, will keep on paying for their fun.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press," House Minority Leader John Boehner claimed, “The American people are screaming at the tops of their lungs to Washington, stop. Stop the spending, stop the job killing policies and yet the democrats from Washington refuse to listen.”

Where is John Salazar in all this?

Brother John has his nose so far up the Party Jackass' rectal cavity he'll be smelling donkey dung the rest of his life.

But Brother John has his fat Federal CongressClown retirement and benefits. He's taken care of.

Perhaps we should 'take care of' Brother John next election.