Bennet mauls Romanoff

Like, wowsers.

Romanoff took a thrashing state-wide. It was a bit closer in Otero County:

Bennet 684 and Romanoff 656.

I guess our Colorado Democrats like their senators bought and paid for by the Obama machine, lock-stepped in without an original thought in their heads.

Dan Maes wiped up the floor with Scott McInnis, 1,074 - 751, though as of right now, state-wide, they are in a dead heat.

Ken Buck wopped Jane Norton, 1,014 - 803. Did Buck ever show up anywhere in southeastern Colorado? Or was he too busy up there in the metro areas? Did I miss it? Perhaps he pulled a Hickenlooper and showed up one day wearing a ball cap and a plaid shirt, to show how much he identifies with we Hicks from the Sticks. I just didn't see him because he blended in so well.

Markey pulled in 74 votes. Ouch.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Jaimes Brown got one vote while his opponent received none. So much for the strong independent types out here in pioneer country.

Tipton worked over McConnell, 808 - 672.

Grantham pounded Heimerich 1,025 - 771.

And JJ Ament gave Stapleton a good bounce off the voting booth wall with 938 - 707.

James Baldwin took the County Commissioner primary with 1,203 over Ralph Roger's 651.

Only 40% of the voters cast a ballot.

Guess things are going pretty smoothly, in the political sense, hey wot? I mean, people must be pretty happy with the way things are going, otherwise, why, you'd see more participation in the political process, right?

Or maybe they're all Independents.