Government freebies

Here's a great example of how taking free government money leads to more 'issues':

Given Money, Schools Wait on Rehiring Teachers

Remember the tearful pleadings by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and of course, Our Heroic President, Barack H. Obama?

Remember how they just had to have that $26 billion so as not to be forced to lay off teachers, cops, firefighters, etc?

Well, about $10 billion of that was for teachers.

Yet, having received the money - a substantial chunk of which was taken from the food stamps program - the states are just sitting on it. They aren't hiring the teachers that were laid off.


Check this:

In New Jersey, where about 3,000 teachers were let go in May, Gov. Chris Christie’s administration worries that the federal aid will only forestall difficult decisions later, and it is unclear how much will be spent immediately.

“It’s a real double-edged sword,” said Michael Drewniak, a spokesman for the governor. “This money will not be there next year, and we’re not going to get back up to the funding that they had previously been used to.”

There it is. You take the free money, and hire the teachers back ... but how are you going to fund them next year?

That's what happens with these grants. The lesser governmental entities take the money, get the programs going, and then the grants dry up. So what happens next? Keep the programs going? How? Raise taxes? Cut other programs? Lay off workers in other areas?

And then there are those grants to private individuals, organizations, and businesses. That's just plain re-distribution of wealth in the best socialist traditions. It has nothing to do with maintaining services to the people, or maintaining infrastructure used by the people ... which at least can often be reasonably construed to be part of that '... promote the general welfare ...' business. Karl Marx would love the way governments redistribute wealth through their various grants.

You think not?

Go back and research Ben Franklin's proposal at the Constitutional Convention to tax canals, and the ensuing discussion on Federal taxation, and just what is meant by 'general welfare'.

The Founders would be crapping their drawers over the whole idea of governmental grants as we use them.