High times at the Ark Valley Fair

We cruised around the fairgrounds last evening, taking in the fairways, the tractor pulls, the 4-H exhibits, the needlecrafting, and picked up a couple of jars of Scaff Bros. Ranchera sauce. The "Habanero Hot" sauce. It's really good. Not as hot as you might think, but right snappy nonetheless, and very nicely flavored.

Leece took 1st Place/Champion with her "Gillnetters' Skiffs". We took some shots of the Atlantic, NC harbor last year, including these two skiffs. When we went back this year, we took a couple more. Leece wanted to work the dock in. I thought the dock detracted from the skiffs. I guess I was wrong, as we both entered our shots of the skiffs, and mine didn't even get a sniff.

Leece also took 2nd Place with her "Summer Colors", a shot of leaves from a North Carolina Red Maple. This was at Willow Pond, on Harker's Island, NC.

Here they are:

The Champ

Summer Colors

Gillnetters' Skiffs, Atlantic, NC

And here we have a shot of the Wright Brothers' National Memorial at Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills, which took a 3rd Place. I have always loved that inscription. It's enough to send chills up yer spine. It is the essence of the American spirit:

"In commemoration of the conquest of the air by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright; conceived by genius; achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith."