More mosque madness

So the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted not to grant landmark status to the piece of crap building that has to come down to make room for 'the mosque'.

And of course people are going Alpha Sierra over it.

The commission is a government entity. The commission cannot vote to make a piece of crap building an 'historical landmark', when it obviously is not, just to keep a religious group from building a church/mosque/synagogue/sacrificial altar/whatever.

What was the basis for the demand that it be declared a 'landmark'?

A piece of one of the airplanes fell on it, on 9/11. C'mon. Who is kidding who?

But of course, we can't tell our red-blooded all-American patriots that. Nope. They're too busy ranting and raving like ... red-blooded all-American patriots.

The Constitution? WTF is that?