Obama's on vacation

Boy howdy, but it's great to have a president that feels our pain, isn't it?

The man is vacationing on the Vineyard again, no doubt to spend time lying on the beach pensively considering the plight of millions of We the Small People, while thinking up new metaphors to describe his brilliant leadership.

Yes, he is brilliant. If only we could see it, but we're just so ... limited. I guess that's why we remain ... The Small People.

Jon Kraushar has a good op-ed over on - where else - FauxNews that dismantles Obama's latest metaphor very well. Kraushar hits the nail right on the head:

Obama is driving America crazy

Yes, he is.

President Obama thinks he is terribly clever but he is terribly mistaken.

Although he is vacationing with his family on Martha’s Vineyard this week he has been barnstorming the country, campaigning for Democrats (and his own agenda) in the November elections, using a misbegotten metaphor. He says the country needs to keep the car (the economy) in the D gear (Democrat) to drive it out of the ditch (aka the recession) and that switching the car into the R gear (Republican) would just put the car back into the ditch.

In his enthusiasm about how effective and memorable he thinks his metaphor is, Obama neglects a different option for the car: kick it into overdrive.

The overdrive gear in a car provides the choice of a higher speed with more fuel efficiency and less torque.

The country is ready to switch gears in November’s midterm elections because voters now think that Republicans are more likely than Democrats to figure out how to put the economy into overdrive so it can quit stalling.

I wonder. Did The One think that car thing up by himself, and the kissasses with whom he surrounds himself were too busy sycopanting to give him a dose of reality? No matter. Kraushar has popped The Obamessiah's bubble on this one, though of course, The One will never admit it. And he'll probably keep on using it, just to show us how little he cares for nay-sayers like Kraushar.