Our brilliant leadership

Russians fuel Iranian reactor; US buys Russian helicopters
Russian made choppers to Afghanistan

Like, dude! Hands across the sea and all that!

The Russkis are going to start fueling up the Iranian Bushehr reactor next week. Yep, they're going to help the Iranians make a quantum leap with their nuclear program.

I wonder what the Israelis are going to do.

We already know what Barack H. Obama and our CongressClowns are going to do.

They are going to buy 21 Mi-17 Hip helicopters from the Russians, and give them to the Afghans. The Hips on the shopping list are alleged to be transports, but the Hip can also be a very effective gunship.

Isn't the irony just too delicious?

The Afghans drove the Russkis out, shooting down who knows how many Hip gunships in the process ... and now We the People are going to buy Russian Hips to give to the Afghans, all while the Russians are fueling a reactor for a whackjob government that intends to incinerate Tel Aviv and as many Jews as possible ... not to mention what the whackjobs have up their sleeves regarding US citizens, ships, armed forces, and the continental US.

I wonder if we borrowed the money from the Chinese to buy the helicopters?