Public screwing redux

But wait! There's more!

Dems roll the dice

House Democrats are rolling the dice this week by returning from a recess that had barely begun to pass a $26 billion teacher jobs bill -- at a time when calls for fiscal restraint are dominating the campaign landscape.

Democrats and Obama administration officials say the package is paid for and will not add to the deficit. The bill, which is expected to pass, allows supporters to tout their role in saving tens of thousands of teachers and other government workers from being laid off before the start of the school year, and before the November election.

First, it isn't 'paid for'. It's coming out of Porkulus Americanus, which is not paid for, being borrowed from our good friends the Chinese.

You just wait. You'll hear Brother John Salazar pimping the teachers' union and cops' unions/'protective associations', and firefighters, about how much he has done for them. Ya, you betcha (wink).

We're getting gouged by PERA, and now we're going to get gouged again.

What's 'paid for' in this deal is some campaigning for Brother John and his fellow CongressClowns. Another Obamas BailOut. Votes bought for John Salazar and paid for by you and me.