Sticking his oar in ...

Obama, having stuck his oar in on The Mosque "issue", probably feels like he has stuck another appendage in. To a meat grinder.

What an amateur. He still hasn't figured out that He Is The President, and he just can't make casual remarks. Remember when he stuck his oar in on the Cambridge Cops Caper? He didn't know what he was talking about then, and he doesn't know what he is talking about now. Or he doesn't sound like he does.

Here's the deal, once again. On the placement of the mosque, the government cannot interfere with the building of the mosque. Not by flexing zoning laws, not by toying with the rules on what is or isn't an historical landmark. Not by any other method, direct, indirect, tacit, implicit, whatever. Despite some earlier machinations along those lines, it now appears that everyone pretty much understands this.

But all those who oppose the construction of the mosque are not, simply by their opposition, violating our Islamic friends' Constitutional rights. Because they ain't the government. What they are doing is exercising their own Constitutional rights to oppose the deal.

Obama doesn't seem to get that. In his somewhat pompous lecture to We the Unwashed Masses the other day, when he was explaining to we benighted ignoramuses, he just didn't get that.

Then, of course, he had to 'clarify' what he meant. I suspect someone told him he had screwed the pooch, and he was trying to backtrack. You know. Spin it. Damage control.

Too late, methinks.

America's Muslim community have made their own bed on this one. They can argue that they are not the Fundamentalists who murdered 3,000 innocent souls on 9/11. They'd be right. But what really aggravates me about that argument is this: Where is the condemnation of the Islamic Fundamentalists who did, and who continue to murder and pillage? Oh, there's been a few comments to that effect, but it's hard to buy into that "Religion of Peace" thing when there is that deafening silence from the so-called "Muslim Majority." And then, of course, the Imam, the so-called 'religious leader' of the mosque movement, reeks of Fundamentalist influence. It's hard to see the man as a peaceful religious leader when he supports murdering thugs like Hamas.

Those who oppose the mosque are entirely within their rights to do so, and if they can bring enough pressure to bear to defeat the construction project, then God bless 'em for it.

The Muslim community, and Barack H. Obama, need to get their big girl panties on and quit their sanctimonious whining.

Meanwhile, what about that trial up in New York City? Where are we with that?