A one way street

So we went to that Freedom Congress thing in the park today. Boy howdy, but the guy does indeed talk a good talk. Like Glenn Beck, however, he relies mixing some very obvious truths with some not-so-obvious half-truths and downright bullcrap. And most importantly, they rely on a constituency that doesn't read or think much for itself, depending instead on false prophets feeding them a line of drivel with which they agree.

With one statement it was quite clear that this Freedom Congress thing has missed the point completely. "Jefferson's Wall was one way, to keep the government out of our churches."

No. It was not. While it is necessary to protect the church from the state, it is equally as necessary to protect the state from the church.

That is fundamental to the entire concept of freedom of religion. You let these guys get their version of God into the government, and we are all screwed.

TJ and the Boyz from Phillie understood this very well, having as they did close historical proximity to the events leading to the establishment of the Church of England. And anyone who has even superficially examined the role of the Roman Church in the governments preceding the time of the Reformation can't help but grasp that point.

And they liked my t-shirt. It isn't a very Christian t-shirt, but that doesn't seem to bother them at all.  They seem to be very Old Testament in much of their thinking.