Buck v. Veterans

Ken Buck is under the gun over his recent comment about VA hospitals. Buck is of the opinion that the private sector could do a better job of providing care to veterans than does the VA.

The lefties and even a lot of veterans are hangin' him high over the remark.

I have to agree with him, even though I really don't care for Buck. I don't like the cavalier manner that led to his mandatory ethics classes. I don't like his raid on that tax service up in Greeley. He's much too eager to bypass constitutional and statutory safeguards while touting himself as a protector of the Constitution. His comment about Jane Norton was a stupid rabbit trail yet exposes an attitude more appropriate to the cast of "Mad Men." Though a rabbit trail, it does explain his position on Amendment 62, the so-called "personhood" amendment. Then he did a waffle on that position in a blatant attempt to curry favor among we middle-of-the-roaders.  Does Buck mean what he says, or will he say what will get him votes? Then there is his call for a "much closer relationship" between church and state. The man is the darling of the Christian Right.

While he's running as a Republican, he is endorsed by the Tea Party.

Yet Buck is an 'insider elitist.'  A Princetonian, he has been a government lawyer since 1988. His wife Perry spent several years as vice chair of the Colorado Republican Party ... and has been a careerist in the banking industry. What is there to recommend Buck as a Tea Partyer? Other than he isn't a Democrat?

Where were we ... ah ... the VA.

C'mon. The VA is a Federal government bureaucracy. I've dealt with the VA. I would rather not have to rely on the VA for medical care. In this matter, I agree with Buck ... at least on the surface. I'd like to hear exactly how he plans to have the private sector handle veterans. So far, all we have is a sound byte.