Colorado CongressCritter signs Arizona Amicus Brief

Coffman Signs Amicus Brief Supporting Arizona’s Appeal of Immigration Law Ruling
Meets with Bill Author State Senator Russell Pearce While in Arizona

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) today joined more than 40 of Members of Congress in signing an updated amicus brief supporting Arizona’s appeal of Federal District Court Judge Susan Bolton’s recent decision that sections of the new Arizona immigration enforcement law are unconstitutional.   After signing on to the brief Coffman released the following statement:

“The brief we are filing reasserts principles put forward in the first congressional brief and goes into new detail on the errors of Judge Bolton’s findings.  This brief asserts that on many different occasions the District Court erred in holding that the executive branch’s enforcement authority pre-empts key provisions of the law.  It also asserts Congress has plenary power over immigration law and has enacted laws that the executive branch has failed to enforce.   We maintain that it is not the right of any administration to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore.”

“This past weekend I met with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of the new Arizona law, while in Phoenix.  When meeting with Sen. Pearce he shared that during the drafting of S.B. 1070 constitutional scholars were consulted specifically in anticipation of federal litigation.  He firmly believes the law will stand up to legal challenges by the Obama administration.”

“Arizona’s action to enact this law was a direct cause of the federal government’s failure to enforce existing federal immigration laws.  I believe Arizona has the right to enforce these laws and despite Judge Bolton’s recent ruling, I am confident the courts will find in favor of the State of Arizona.”

“Furthermore, the fact that this administration has chosen to go after a state that seeks to harmonize their policies with current federal statutes rather than prosecute “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal immigrants is political posturing at its worst.  I remain steadfast in my support for Arizona’s right to protect its borders and enforce immigration laws.”