It ain't our fault ...

The Republicans are sounding more and more like Democrats with their whining and two-stepping over their screwups.

Now it's the Maes campaign whining about how complicated it is to sort out campaign finances:

More Maes fines

Nate Strauch, spokesman for the Maes campaign, e-mailed this response on the issue of fines:

“What these fines showcase is the byzantine maze that is political finance regulation. Dan Maes has run a grassroots campaign with a skeleton-crew staff from the beginning, and this just goes to show how difficult it is for an everyman to jump through the hoops.”

No, Nate. What it shows is that the Maes campaign is a) too stupid to figure out what needs to be reported - and it ain't rocket science; or b) just downhome sleazy, and got caught at it.

It's right here:

Colorado Campaign Finance

Say, Nate. Perhaps you and Dan should get together with US Secretary of the Treasury Timmy "I'm too stupid to use TaxCut" Geithner, and compare notes.