Tea Party Leadership

"I'll take you out, buddy!"

Tea Party-backed Carl Paladino was at a Lake George hotel where he was endorsed by the state's Conservative Party. On the sidelines, New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker tried to ask the Buffalo developer to provide proof to back up his suggestion to another reporter that Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo had an affair. 


Cuomo is divorced from Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy's daughter. Paladino told the reporter he would provide the proof "at the appropriate time," but then accused him of being biased for Cuomo. He also grilled him because a Post reporter went to the home of his 10-year-old daughter, who was fathered out of wedlock.

I'm not seeing much difference in the 'quality' of the Tea Party's hand-picked candidates and the bidness-as-usual sliminess of the CongressClowns we have now. I'm thinking that while a clean sweep would be a great thing ... do we really want to replace the greedy, self-serving twits we now have with whackjobs like Paladino?

Consider the whackjobbery in the Colorado Republican Party. Really ... Hick is looking better and better, even if I'd still have to hold my nose voting for him.