The lying bastards ...

We were sitting on the wall at City Park in The Smile Hi City, marveling at the repair work that has been done. The wall is looking pretty good as repairs proceed apace.

"Hey. Hey. This wall is lookin' perty good, ain't it?" observed DinkyDau Billy, who was adjusting his dreadlocks under his Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.

"Billy, you seem to be wearing that thing a lot more than usual," Leece commented, "I have to wonder if you're feeling alright these days."

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine," Billy replied, "but you gots ta unnerstand, what with them UFOs up in Denver and sneakin' around our nukleer weapons, I gots concerns. All them gummint officials is lyin' bastards tryin' to cover it all up, ya see."

"UFOs? Denver? Nuclear weapons?" Leece was somewhat confused. So was I, but with me, that's not all that unusual.

"Yeah. Yeah. You heard about that Initiative 300, right? The one to set up a Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission? Up in Denver?"

"Well, yes, but ..."

"And the UFOs sneakin' around our nukleer weapons, but the gummint made it all secret to keep us in the dark?"

"Well, yes, but ..."

"And the Pope's personal astronomer is ready to baptize aliens, you know."

"Well, yes, but ..."

"Yeah, but only if they want to be baptized, you have to keep that in mind, Billy," Tookie interjected, "the Vatican apparently is not prepared to force baptism on anyone. Makes me wonder, though, how they'll handle things like catechism classes and first communions and confirmations and so on. I only hope our alien lost lambs aren't, you know ... carnivorous."

"Yeah. Yeah. But I wanna know why the gummint's always lyin' to us about these things, that's what I wanna know,:" Billy whined. Billy's been whining a lot lately.

"I'm just wondering if real aliens are going to try sneaking in without visas. We have enough problems will illegal aliens as it is, don't you think?" TootSweet continued.

"I'm just glad we have so many people coming to grips with the vital issues of the day, the really important stuff upon which hinges the fate of the nation," Leece interjected.

We sat on the wall, contemplating the Meaning of It All.