The Republicans' Chernobyl

The Chernobyl incident was a spectacular nuclear reactor fire and melt down that sent radioactivity over much of Europe and the western Soviet Union, forcing the evacuation of over 330,000 people and rendering the city of Pripyat uninhabitable.

The Colorado Republicans seem to be suffering a Chernobyl-like political melt-down that may make the state house uninhabitable by a Republican. Dan Maes, who won the primary election, has become politically radioactive. Statements he made about serving as an undercover officer in Kansas are figments of his imagination. He has little in the way of fiscal resources. He’s tap-dancing around what he said and what he meant. He’s postulated a grand UN conspiracy theory. Most of Maes’ support has blown away like dust in the wind. The Tea Party and a host of Republican luminaries have dropped Maes like a Chernobyl cinder.

Tom Tancredo has become the darling of the Tea Party – “a real Republican and conservative” - and a real hawk when it comes to sending other people’s kids off to war. Never mind that his detractors laughingly refer to him as “Ol’ 1Y” in reference to his draft exemption for psychological “issues” back during the Vietnam War. Listening to Tancredo, I don’t think much has changed since those days though he sounds good superficially. Like Glenn Beck, he serves as a great Pied Piper. The “Christian” Right loves that babble about bombing Mecca. Meanwhile, Tancredo’s off on his third-party jaunt, doing a great job of splitting the Republican vote.

Then we have Ken 'Buckpedal' Buck, who brought new meaning to the term 'weathervaning.'

Now Bob McConnell and Maes are making the campaign a mission from God: “This morning my Pastor talked to me about “putting on the full armor of God.” This evening I received an e-mail from Dan Maes, using the exact same phrase. He is no longer fighting just a political battle, but a spiritual one. I stand with Dan Maes, shoulder to shoulder, to fight that battle as well. What are you prepared to do?”

Oh, I dunno, Bob. Are you and Danny going to confiscate my bikes? The Democrats want my guns; do the Republicans really think I’m part of a Denver-based bicycle-driven UN conspiracy?

If Maes wants to pray about his “issues” and seek guidance in that manner, that’s great. I don’t know very many people who don’t do that, even if only when their lives and careers are in the toilet. But please, don’t bring God in as a Republican. Is this campaign now a Holy War? A righteous Christian jihad? Have the Democrats by implication become The Great Satan?

Many people are increasingly fed up with the insane fiscal and political policies of the Obama administration. The Republicans have a chance to change the balance of power, though I don’t want to see a Republican super-majority any more than I want what we now suffer under. All we can hope for is a balance that keeps our political buffoons from doing more damage than we can handle. But I don’t think we’ll see that change in Colorado, as the state Republican Party snatches defeat from the jaws of victory through ineptitude, disorganization, psychotic babbling, and by eating their own young. If this is the best they can do, we don’t need them. As for the Democrats, after Ritter, do we really want Hinkenlooper? Hey. How about a “Bozo the Clown” write-in?