An "Independent's Day"?

Nope. Not at all.

Here's the deal. Independent Ken Waskiewicz is running for the Colorado 4th seat. The Colorado 4th is currently held by ... Betsy Markey. So Waskiewicz breezed into The Smile Hi City to tell us all how he 'hopes' to represent the people of Colorado, not any special interest.

Like, wow. That's a fresh outlook, isn't it?

He 'feels strongly' about term limits and believes in developing all sources of energy. We need to stop outsourcing jobs. Of course, like his opponents, he's very short on ways and means to accomplish that. I'd love to hear what he thinks about green energy's dependence on rare earth metals and our dependence on the Chinese for those rare earth metals, and how we're going to get around that little detail. As for not outsourcing jobs ... well ... that's going to kill Walmart's product lines, as well as Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot, and Lowe's and ... and ... Safeway ... what with all that 'hecho en Mejico' and 'hecho in China' going on. OK, so how's he going to not outsource jobs? How is going going to do that "Made in America" thing with the purple-shirted goons of Obama's SEIU and the other unions sucking the lifeblood out of the country with those union wages and union pensions?

No answer there.

As for 60, 61, and 101 ... he is 'studying' those. Hey, Ken, buddy ... it's getting a bit late in the game for just 'studying', don't you think? Not to worry, Ken brought his daddy along, who apparently expresses opinions in Ken's place when Ken doesn't have a sound bite ready. Dad thinks we shouldn't be crippling the infrastructure right now. Which leads me to wonder ... when would it be a good time to cripple the infrastructure?

Ah well. So much for the Independent candidate. You could find out more about his ideas by going to his website but ... he doesn't have one.

Here's an article from the Fort Morgan Times, however, that you may find useful:

Congressional candidates focus on economy

We always have Corey Gardner, who thinks 62 is a grand idea, being a hard-liner black and white thinker. That's a mindset that'll take us far, too, don't you think?