Is Pelosi off her meds?

Pelosi fires back at Gingrich over food stamps

"It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance. The biggest bang for the buck," she said.
Gingrich on Tuesday wrote a letter critical of the Democrats' stewardship of the economy and urged all Republican candidates to shape the political debate as one "between the Democratic Party of food stamps and the Republican Party of paychecks."

"It is an unassailable fact that in June, more food stamps were distributed by the government than ever before in American history. (It turns out that Barack Obama's idea of spreading the wealth around was spreading more food stamps around.)," wrote Gingrich.

Well ... let's all of us just quit whatever it is we're still doing in the way of employment, and go on food stamps. That way, we'll have the economy back on track in no time at all!

And all the Republicans are offering to counter this are the likes of Ken "Buckpedalin'" Buck and Scott "Two Way" Tipton? Tipton, by the way, is another one who is 'backing away' from his previous positions.

I think I might just vote for The Green Party this year. They can't be any whackier than this.