Loose cannons

Carl Paladino was interviewed this morning on FoxNews. Paladino is the Tea Party-endorsed Repub who is running against Andrew Cuomo for governor of New York.

You may remember that Paladino is the fellow who threatened New York Post's State editor Fred Dicker ... "I'll take you out!" ... when Dicker asked Paladino about allegations he had made regarding Cuomo. Paladino had accused Cuomo of having an affair, but was refusing to back up those allegations.

Note that this wasn't a case of some media maggot shoving a camera in Paladino's face like some cheap paparazzi; it was a legitimate question based on public comments made by Paladino.

A recent poll shows that 61% of respondents consider Paladino to be a 'loose cannon' rather than a leader.

Naturally, Paladino disputes that, going on about how he is a man of the people, a fellow who is going to shake things up in Albany.

Might be so ... but is he going to get anything constructive done, or just be another shrill horse's ass of a conspiracy theorist like Tancredo and other Tea Party favorites?

Paladino is correct when he talks about the anger people feel, particularly about the economy, the unemployment rate; the insane spending by the Obamanians, the lock-step party line ass-kissing we are seeing from John Salazar and Mike Bennet; the Obamanian focus on 'green jobs' - which will leave us at the mercy of the Chinese instead of the Arabs - rather than any jobs; all of that. Is that the 'change' part of 'hope and change'?

But what is really high on the list as well is the childish ineffectiveness of the Republican Party, and the Tea Party 'movement'.

Is the best they can do the likes of Dan "Secret Agent Man" Maes, Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo, Ken "Buckpedal" Buck, and the rest of the ramblingly incoherent buffoons they are presenting for We the People to consider for office?

There is no difference to me between the Obamanians and their ridiculously off-base leftie agenda and the Tea Party and the Republicans and their ridiculously off-base rightie agenda. What with Amendments 60, 61, 62, and Prop 101, I have to wonder if any of these people have any grip at all on reality.

I can tell you this, however. I'll just hold my nose - again - and vote for Hickenlooper before either Tancredo or Maes; and for Bennet (God help us) before Buckpedalin' Ken.

The best we can hope for is to balance out the loonies in the statehouse, the state ledge, and the Congress. If we can do that, we can induce some kind of gridlock, and minimize the damage they can do.