Nuking renewables

The Pueblo Chieftain is endorsing the construction of a 3,000 megawatt nuclear power plant in an 'energy park' southeast of Pueblo.

Getting a nod

It has already received the blessing of the Pueblo County Planning Commission.


Such a plant would produce no air pollution. Pueblo attorney Don Banner, founder of Puebloans for Energizing our Community LLC, wants to attract a nuclear power company to a proposed 25,000-acre energy park southeast of Pueblo, where 4,000 acres would be dedicated to a nuclear plant.

Nope. It won't produce any air pollution.

It will produce a fair amount of "... uranium, plutonium, and other highly radioactive elements made during fission...".

Does anyone remember Chernobyl?

You can read more about this here

An excerpt:

High level radioactive waste is generally material from the core of the nuclear reactor or nuclear weapon. This waste includes uranium, plutonium, and other highly radioactive elements made during fission. Most of the radioactive isotopes in high level waste emit large amounts of radiation and have extremely long half-lives (some longer than 100,000 years) creating long time periods before the waste will settle to safe levels of radioactivity. This area will describe some of the methods being under consideration, for dealing with this, high level, waste.

Why am I not feeling the love here?

Why am I wondering how this is going to fit in with the state's mandated 30% power generation from renewable source by 2020 plan?

Especially when we have this:

Wind farm pulls out of county

coming in on top of the Creative Energy Systems hoo-ha?

Meanwhile, rumor has it that the fellow who is bankrolling this project has gotten fed up with the naysayers, and the project is dead in the water. That's rumor. Unconfirmed.

Nonetheless, we should be able to handle it. After all, with Ol' Cowboy Wes, we have a history of dealing with such things here in Cattle Country:

Wes McKinley, champion of the people!

U Who?

Pinon Canyon Uranium Futures

Pinon Canyon Cattlemen's Power Plant