VCA 2010

This'll getcher gonads sucked up somewhere around your Adams' apple:

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.


Alien involvement in livestock mutilations: A scriptural appraisal

We wandered into The Holy Land Quickee's, thinking we'd have maybe some chili fries or maybe a Mississippi Mud, or maybe both.

DinkyDau Billy was in his favorite spot, tapping away on his laptop. He was back to wearing his AFDB, this one made of heavy-duty Reynolds foil.

"Hey Billy, what's up?" Leece cheerfully asked our stalwart pal.

"Hey! Hey! I gots scripcherul confirmation that aliens is in fack behind all them livestock mutilations," he revealed.

"Really?" Tookie was greatly interested.

Leece looked at me and raised her eyebrow in not-so-desultory fashion. I took the cue.

"Hmmmm ... would you mind explaining, Billy?" I asked.

"Sure. Sure. Here's th' deal," he replied, "Yestiddy I snuck inta one a them churches in town, to kinda eavesdrop on the sermon."

"Go on, Billy," Leece encouraged him.

"Well. Well. On the perjekter screen behind the preacher they had some scripcherul references that tied inta the sermon," he told us.

"Well indeed, Unca Billy," Tookie noted, "will you share the rest with us?"

"Yeah. Yeah. So it read '5Aliens will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards.'," he explained, "so it was pretty clear to me that there's these 5 aliens doin' sheepherder and other livestock husbandry work. God tole me so, cuz it's right there in the 1984 version of the NIV, which lots a churches use."

"Yes, in fact, our church uses the NIV," Leece agreed.

"So I figger it's 'The Arcturus Five' who's doin' all the mutiliations, but they's not really mutilations. It's just 5 poorly trained aliens tryin' ta discharge they's heavenly assigned duties in animal husbandry. They's tryin' to do neuters and artificial insominations and suchlike, and they ain't familiar with the biology ... being aliens an' all ..." ...

"Yeah, I get it, Unca Billy," Tookie interrupted, earning a scowl of disapproval from both Billy and Leece. I didn't much care; I was ordering some chili fries. Besides, the story 'resonated' with me.

"... so's I was sayin'," Billy went on, in a bit of a huff, "they ain't familiar with the biology, so they kinda botch it a little."

"But Billy, other bibles use 'strangers' or 'foreigners', not 'aliens'," Tookie objected, "and Cita's heathen bible, the New Revised Standard version, uses 'strangers'."

"Yeah, but that NRSV is like you say, a heathen bible. Them fundamentalists an' literalists say so."

"The NRSV is used by serious biblical scholars," Leece objected, also somewhat huffily, I thought.

"You mean like them perfessers in the Naz'rene universities?" asked Billy.

"Yes. Exactly."

"They's all heretical New Agers, and prolly read all that crazy stuff like Rob Bell and T.J. Oord and Thomas Aquinas. Ask them Concerned Nazarenes. They'll straighten ya out."

"So how do you explain the difference? 'Aliens' in one bible, and 'strangers' in another?" Leece asked.

"Easy. 'Strangers in a strange land.' That's our Arcturus Five. How biblical can you get?" Billy sat back, somewhat smugly, and slurped his diet Dr. Pepper.

"Really. And tell me, just where do you get that 'Arcturus' thing?" Leece asked, even more huffily.

"Oh, c'mon. It's right there in the KJV: '... Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.' See? It all ties t'gether."

"Unca Billy! You can't just mix and match versions of the bible!" This from TootSweet, who was trying not to giggle.

"Sure I can. Literalists do it all the time, 'speshully when they's tryin' to be really selective literalists. It's the easiest way to bludgeon people with the bible," Billy objected.

"You mean like beating an Al Qaeda suspect over the head with a New York phone book?" Toots asked, seeking clarification.

"Eggzackly. Well, maybe, you know, not quite literally."

Billy put forth a convincing argument.

We sat there, absently snuffling chili fries, while contemplating the whichness of what and the thisness of that.

"I'm thinkin' a applying for at least adjunct instructor status at NNU," Billy shared.

We ignored him.

"I'd hafta git me some a them Rob Bell glasses, though ... " Billy mused.

We continued to ignore him.


Downy woodpecker

This little guy was in our globe willow this afternoon. He wasn't in the least bit shy:


Rotary Basketball Tournament in Limon

The Swink 5th/6th grade basketball team took 2nd at the Rotary Basketball Tournament in Limon this past weekend. More photos of the games follow ...


IAEA updates for Japan

Here are updates from the International Atomic Energy Agency:

IAEA updates on Japan earthquake

In addition to the updates on the Japanese 'issues', you can find their publications here:

IAEA publications

with their training and education series here:

Training and Education

These are useful references there if you want to be able to comment in a reasonably informed manner on the Ballard/Gillispie nuke plan for Pueblo.

Speaking of whom:

County leaders to decide nuclear issue on April 25

The 'bending the rules' thing aside, there's this:

... Just the night before it had been crowded with about 500 opponents, who argued against nuclear power, scoffed at Banner's plan to go recruit a power plant operator, and frequently described him as "arrogant," insensitive and even deceitful in his purpose.


He even went so far as to argue that surviving Japanese residents of Hiroshima did not suffer significant radiation injuries from the atomic bomb dropped on them in 1945 if they lived a mile or more beyond the blast center. That and other remarks had opponents vilifying him Wednesday as indifferent to the victims of radiation.

Well hell. And here we are 60 miles from Pueblo's Ground Zero. I feel ever so safe with Banner and Gillispie in charge.


ARPA considers counter-suit against Trinidad

ARPA has bounced back in the continuing dust-up with Trinidad:

ARPA considering counter-suit

an excerpt:

Higher than projected equipment procurement and construction costs coupled with faulty engineering by ARPA`s contractors resulted in cost overruns and delays in the initial startup date for the Lamar Repowering Project. The project commenced commercial operation in 2009, and has been providing a significant portion of the electricity consumed by ARPA`s member municipalities since then. ARPA has been working with its boiler manufacturer and other consultants to optimize the facility`s performance and to reduce emissions, which has required periodic shut downs. ARPA hopes to have the remaining engineering issues fully resolved by next month.

Well, ARPA has a point or two that could be considered well-taken. One of the causes of the 'higher than projected' costs was Hurricane Katrina. Yep, it was. The storm drove up labor costs, cost of structural steel and concrete ... of which is well-documented. Katrina was large enough and did enough damage that labor was siphoned off nation-wide, as were large amounts of building materials.

The equipment failures that led to the recent rather lengthy plant shutdown are for the most part covered by insurance.

Here are a couple of previous posts about the Lamar project:

New power plant is online

ARPA's Lamar re-powering project

And of course, the current administration has been less than coal-friendly, even though the Lamar plant is actually rather clean. State and county governments aren't doing ARPA any favors, either. Pueblo is falling all over themselves to build a nuke. How does that fit into that "30% renewables by 2020" that Ritter and Hickenlooper and our beloved General Assembly have been pushing? And how does a 3000 MW capacity - that nuke, again - fit in with the excess of generation capacity claimed by Excel ... and Excel's - and ARPA's, come to think on it - refusal to buy power generated by companies pimping renewable energy sources?

It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and no one is coming out with any explanations of why it does or should make sense, so here we are, the hoi polloi, wondering if anyone in energy production or government - especially government - has a clue.


Otero County Republicans - Ralph Rogers

BTW ... it looks like Brother Ralph was right on the money about the Otero GOP machine, wasn't he, now.

The Otero GOP drama continues ...

Well, it looks like someone over there at Otero GOP HQ finally figured out how to file those reports, despite the conspiracy against them:

Otero GOP files '08 finance reports

There's nothing in the reports, of course. It would be too much to expect our local Republicans to have a clue about where any of their money is or went.

And these are the clowns who shriek, scream, engage in hair-pulling, garment-rending, and teeth-gnashing - figuratively if not literally - over the Democrats' fiscal irresponsibility.

An excerpt:

"We're helping them in every way we can," said Ryan Call, the state party's legal counsel and a candidate for state Republican chairman.

Colorado party officials weren't aware of the Otero GOP's delinquent reports until told by the Coloradoan on Friday.

Because the Colorado Constitution calls for fines of $50 a day for each day a report is delinquent, the Otero GOP has racked up $321,500 in fines since 2008.

What nonsense. Mark Hillman knew what a collection of boneheads the GOP has down here, last year. Rather than do anything about it, he defended them. Now Hillman's chickens have come home to roost, and the GOP looks like a collection of incompetent buffoons. As if they didn't already, what with that Maes fiasco and then Tancredo's melodrama last election cycle, and Reyher's absurdities about how the Democrats were going to kill all elections if they won. "If" they won. What a hoot.

In any case, is Call actually telling us that the state maintains no fiscal oversight at all?

How about an audit of the Otero GOP finances? Shoot. How about an audit of the state GOP's finances.

Previous posts:

Otero County Republicans

Filing electronic campaign finance reports


An all-American police car from General Motors

A first-hand look at the 2011 Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle

Looks like all that bailout munny We the People gave to General Motors is paying off.

But wait ...

The Australian-built Caprice PPV will be available starting in April 2011 in the 9C3 version and June 2011 for the 9C1 patrol version. With the power, handling, interior room, and a robust electrical system the Chevrolet Caprice has all the makings of the next generation police car for the USA.

Otero County GOP - Filing electronic campaign finance reports

I went to the Colorado secretary of state's website and played around with the system for filing those reports that Judy Reyher says are impossible to accomplish.

The website is easy to find, and easy to understand. In fact, they even have a series of videos - those 'webinars' - for training:

TRACER Training

If the people running the Otero Republican Party are the best the Republicans can do, the Democrats can rest easy and just plan on being in power for the next several decades.

C'mon, Judy ... tell us another one, worse than the other one ... and waltz us around again, Willy ...


Otero County Republicans

Oh boy ... here we go again. The Otero County Republican party is in deep kimchee with the state for not filing any campaign finance reports in 2010.

Otero Republicans facing fines for finance reports

Otero County GOP facing $50,800 in fines

So. Do they use, like, you know, campaign contributions from the True Believers to pay those fines? Could be worse. Couldn't it?

It's all the Democrats' fault that Reyher and Hunnicutt and their henchmen are essentially too stupid to figure out how to file reports online, even given specific instructions and webinars explaining how to do it. Where is that sense of deja vu coming from ... ah ... remember Timmy Geithner claiming he couldn't figure out how to do his taxes? It was all the fault of the tax software publishers or somesuch nonsense.

Republican chairperson Judy Reyher presents the same convoluted, pathetic illogic as an excuse for this, as she did when she and some other Otero Republicans - and Brother Mark Hillman, the state's committeeman to the RNC - had a snit fit back in April of 2010. You may remember that Leece had reported on the confusion at the Otero Republicans assembly up at La Junta High School.

If not, here's some of it:

Political assemblies: Democrats

Political assemblies: Republicans

Political assemblies and U.S. flags

Party of American values

Hitting a nerve

I had a dreeeem!

A reader writes

Abraham Lincoln and Republicans

Let me borrow a phrase from Barack H. Obama: "Let me be perfectly clear on this."

The Otero Republican Party is a confused, disorganized collection of clowns who couldn't politic their way out of a wet paper bag. The Colorado Republicans are no better. Rather than recognize the problem with Otero County, Committeeman Mark Hillman defended the local party's ineptitude and downright stupidity. Talk about your chickens coming home to roost.

Of course, what else could you expect from a collection of political morons whose best effort was Danny Maes (birds of a feather?) and ship-jumper Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo?

What else could we expect? That's a good question. Reports? Hah.  How about an audit of the Otero Republicans' finances?

Vote Republican. Incoherent leadership for an incoherent world.

But wait! There's more,from ColoradoPols.com:

Otero and Larimer County Republicans having a bad day

Up in Larimer County, Fort Collins PD has begun a criminal investigation into the Larimer County Republicans' finances.

How's things here in Otero County?


Swink Lions v. Custer County Bobcats 03.12.2011

We have a gallery of images of today's game - the first baseball game of the season - up here:

Mike and Leece's image galleries

under "Baseball."

Growlers' tournament 03.12.2011

Ethan "The Beast" Leyba took first place in the 6-and-under; under-40 class.


Concerned Nazarenes

Boy howdy, and here we go again ... but this one is right on da munny:

and the sequel:

Did you catch the little "Catholic" references? Catholics aren't Christians, you know:
Christian book-buying


Harry Reid and Cowboy Wes

That's a match made in heaven:


So ... following Harry's reasoning, why isn't Music at the Junction receiving Federal funds?

Why isn't our elected state rep, Ol' Cowboy Wes McKinley, agitatin' for some Cowboy Bucks from his fellow Democrat, Harry?

Why, Cowboy Wes, being a Cowboy Poet, could emcee the shindig, and plug for votes while strumming his git-tar and recitin' cowpoke poetry.

Think of all the shoppers it would bring in!

But think about the consummate irony of it: all those ruggedly individualistic Riders of the Purple Sage, reciting poetry about all that rugged all-American individualism and The Cowboy Code and the American spirit and preserving that unique way of life ... yadda yadda yadda ... all those ruggedly individualistic cowpokes ... sucking off the government tit and sucking up to the likes of Harry Reid. Perhaps we could include this in the USDA subsidies our ruggedly independent neighbors seem to be so fond of, and of which we are supposed to be so ignorant?

Shame on them.


Trinidad v. ARPA

The Trinidad/ARPA dustup continues:

Trinidad seeks exit from ARPA


Trinidad files against ARPA

The ARPA membership currently includes Trinidad, Holly, La Junta, Lamar, Las Animas and Springfield. Raton jumped ship at the beginning of last year.

Previous posts on ARPA and the new power plant:

New power plant is online That was in May 2009. At the moment, it ain't online, after the big blowup that more or less led to the dustup. We note that the cost of replacing the bits and pieces that went belly up is reportedly being borne by the insurance company. Also, some of those bits and pieces are not 'off-the-shelf' items, and have to be manufactured according to demand, a process which seems to be typical with power plants, especially with the more costly items.

ARPA's Lamar repowering project

Meanwhile, we haven't heard any more about the Pueblo Nuke Project. Perhaps Wes McKinley is operating behind the scenes with the management of the Pinon Canyon Cattlemens' Power Plant, stressing that PCCPP might up and move away, taking their jobs with them?

"New book"

Leece has a new post up on Yahbut, wherein she 'pre-reviews' the second edition of Bruce Shelley's "Church History in Plain Language" and makes a few follow-up comments to "Positive and Negative Thinking."

A new book

A second new post:

It's Fat Tuesday and the Coptic Christians are protesting

Also, she has a new article up on Suite101:

Julian of Norwich's example encourages deeper spirituality



Ethan "The Beast" Leyba took 1st at the Swink tournament today:

We have a gallery of images from the tournament up on:

Mike and Leece's image galleries

under "Wrestling."


The King's Kitchen

 From the Feb issue of Our State magazine:

The King's Kitchen

an excerpt:

The bankers and office workers who crowd the restaurant at lunch and dinner are here for Aunt Beaut’s panfried chicken and classic Southern-style vegetables cooked with a modern, healthier twist — without the fatback. They come back for the cornbread plump with kernels, the banana pudding layered with homemade vanilla wafers, the shrimp and grits. 

But for owner Jim Noble and his staff, The King’s Kitchen is more than a popular new place to eat. It is a mission. Noble plans to give all the profits to ministries that feed the poor. His staff will train recovering addicts, former convicts, and high-risk youth to work in a restaurant, so they can go out and find jobs. Photocopies tucked inside a lime green colander on a shelf up front explain it best: “To Feed the Hungry & To Heal the Brokenhearted.”


KRDO's tabloid 'journalism'

Target 13 Investigates Finds Contaminated Groundwater

Our KRDO 'newshounds' seem to have been taking lessons from Megyn Kelly on FoxNews.

Note that The Holy Land - that is, Swink - is specifically mentioned.

Swink's town administration has been working this for quite some time. Reports and status of the 'issue' have been posted on the town's website, and have been sent to every Swinkian who receives a utility bill from the town. That report is in the form of a town newsletter, which one must open in order to get one's utility bill. In that newsletter, one finds reports on what was discussed at the last meeting of the town trustees. Those newsletters are also posted to the town's website. Also, if you simply Google the text string:

swink radium

you will get a number of returns, many of which point back to those uploaded and online newsletters. The information has been posted on bulletin boards in the post office, and at the town office.

KRDO didn't do a whole lot of 'investigating' here.

BTW ... Swink's radium level is at 5.6 picocuries/liter. The Federal standard is 5.0 picocuries/liter. While the level does in fact exceed the Federally-mandated level, it's hardly at a level where Swinkians smile at night and light up the streets with a greenish glow.

Get a life, KRDO.


"Where's Waldo?"

From WaPo:

Obama's "Where's Waldo" presidency

My my my.

Pretty much on the nose, there, Ruthie.


Unionista stats

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.7 million workers in this country belong to a union.

We have a total of about 123.5 million workers.

That's quite the minority, isn't it?

Over the last thirty years or so, the ratio of union to non-union workers has deteriorated. Well ... I don't think it's 'deteriorated', but then I'm not a unionista. I was one once, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, but that was a long time ago. More than that thirty years, in fact.

The percentage of unionistas has dropped from about 20 percent of American workers to about 11 percent. Perhaps closer to 11.5-ish.

The unions are desperate to hold onto those dues payin' members.

And the Democrats really want the unions to hold on to those dues payin' members ... because those dues go toward electing a lot of Democrats.

Yep. They do.

Just ask Obama.

I'll walk the line ...

So. This one popped up again last week, where the unionistas are still busy comparing themselves to oppressed middle easterners revolting against their dictatorial dirtbag 'leaders.'

When is our president going to hie on up to Wisconsin, with that pair of 'comfortable' shoes, and walk the picket line with his unionista puppets? When is Obama going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his unionista buddies in their fight against the cruel and oppressive capitalist swine who are bleeding the workers of America dry?

When is he going to join in a group sing of "L'Internationale' with his purple-shirted goons in SEIU?

Just askin'.

Billions in Federal waste

GAO details billions in Federal waste

"Go study that (report). It will show why we're $14 trillion in debt," said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. "Anybody that says we don't look like fools up here hasn't read the report."

Tom. Dude. No one I know - not even most of the Democrats I know - have ever said you don't look like fools "up there".

Even more scathing is the duplication investigators found in the nation's biodefense efforts, with the report essentially saying that the billions of dollars spent annually is the responsibility of no one individual and that there is no plan for post-attack coordination, this on the heels of a 2010 federal commission finding that gave the U.S. a "failing grade" in its prevention measures.

But every time I hear Janet Napolitano, she's telling me how the system continues to work everytime something blows up, literally or figuratively.

The report touches agencies and programs across the federal government, from the Transportation Security Agency to homeless programs and domestic food assistance, and what emerges is a kind of bureaucratic morass where sometimes enough is not even known about federal programs to provide an accurate evaluation.

"We don't know what we're doing," Coburn chastised.

"We" know that, Tom. It's "you" that doesn't get it. That was a big part of the message last election cycle. What did you think all that was about?

Meanwhile, we have Our Beloved President telling us that the governators should back off from organized labor - his pals, the unions.

Now that, Tom, is a perfect example of the stupidity rampant in the Federal government.

Three games

We have three of the four Swinkian district games up: Lady Lions v. Rye Lady Thunderbolts; Lady Lions v. Rocky Ford Lady Meloneers; Lions v. Hoehne Farmers. We're hoping to have the Lions v. Rye Thunderbolts up by this evening.

Mike and Leece's Image Galleries

under "Basketball."

Meanwhile, baseball and track are upon us.