Harry Reid and Cowboy Wes

That's a match made in heaven:


So ... following Harry's reasoning, why isn't Music at the Junction receiving Federal funds?

Why isn't our elected state rep, Ol' Cowboy Wes McKinley, agitatin' for some Cowboy Bucks from his fellow Democrat, Harry?

Why, Cowboy Wes, being a Cowboy Poet, could emcee the shindig, and plug for votes while strumming his git-tar and recitin' cowpoke poetry.

Think of all the shoppers it would bring in!

But think about the consummate irony of it: all those ruggedly individualistic Riders of the Purple Sage, reciting poetry about all that rugged all-American individualism and The Cowboy Code and the American spirit and preserving that unique way of life ... yadda yadda yadda ... all those ruggedly individualistic cowpokes ... sucking off the government tit and sucking up to the likes of Harry Reid. Perhaps we could include this in the USDA subsidies our ruggedly independent neighbors seem to be so fond of, and of which we are supposed to be so ignorant?

Shame on them.