KRDO's tabloid 'journalism'

Target 13 Investigates Finds Contaminated Groundwater

Our KRDO 'newshounds' seem to have been taking lessons from Megyn Kelly on FoxNews.

Note that The Holy Land - that is, Swink - is specifically mentioned.

Swink's town administration has been working this for quite some time. Reports and status of the 'issue' have been posted on the town's website, and have been sent to every Swinkian who receives a utility bill from the town. That report is in the form of a town newsletter, which one must open in order to get one's utility bill. In that newsletter, one finds reports on what was discussed at the last meeting of the town trustees. Those newsletters are also posted to the town's website. Also, if you simply Google the text string:

swink radium

you will get a number of returns, many of which point back to those uploaded and online newsletters. The information has been posted on bulletin boards in the post office, and at the town office.

KRDO didn't do a whole lot of 'investigating' here.

BTW ... Swink's radium level is at 5.6 picocuries/liter. The Federal standard is 5.0 picocuries/liter. While the level does in fact exceed the Federally-mandated level, it's hardly at a level where Swinkians smile at night and light up the streets with a greenish glow.

Get a life, KRDO.