The King's Kitchen

 From the Feb issue of Our State magazine:

The King's Kitchen

an excerpt:

The bankers and office workers who crowd the restaurant at lunch and dinner are here for Aunt Beaut’s panfried chicken and classic Southern-style vegetables cooked with a modern, healthier twist — without the fatback. They come back for the cornbread plump with kernels, the banana pudding layered with homemade vanilla wafers, the shrimp and grits. 

But for owner Jim Noble and his staff, The King’s Kitchen is more than a popular new place to eat. It is a mission. Noble plans to give all the profits to ministries that feed the poor. His staff will train recovering addicts, former convicts, and high-risk youth to work in a restaurant, so they can go out and find jobs. Photocopies tucked inside a lime green colander on a shelf up front explain it best: “To Feed the Hungry & To Heal the Brokenhearted.”