Trinidad v. ARPA

The Trinidad/ARPA dustup continues:

Trinidad seeks exit from ARPA


Trinidad files against ARPA

The ARPA membership currently includes Trinidad, Holly, La Junta, Lamar, Las Animas and Springfield. Raton jumped ship at the beginning of last year.

Previous posts on ARPA and the new power plant:

New power plant is online That was in May 2009. At the moment, it ain't online, after the big blowup that more or less led to the dustup. We note that the cost of replacing the bits and pieces that went belly up is reportedly being borne by the insurance company. Also, some of those bits and pieces are not 'off-the-shelf' items, and have to be manufactured according to demand, a process which seems to be typical with power plants, especially with the more costly items.

ARPA's Lamar repowering project

Meanwhile, we haven't heard any more about the Pueblo Nuke Project. Perhaps Wes McKinley is operating behind the scenes with the management of the Pinon Canyon Cattlemens' Power Plant, stressing that PCCPP might up and move away, taking their jobs with them?