Swink Lions v. Fowler Grizzlies 04.30.2011

106 image gallery of the double-header:

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Swink v. Bulldogs youth soccer league game

Swink v. Bulldogs, La Junta youth soccer leagues:

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Transparency and the free press

Sparky's 'press management' minions are really into their jack-booted thug role:

White House denies threatening SF Chronicle


Is this how the Obama administration treats the press?

Richard Nixon would love these guys.

Well ... at least Sparky's boys and girls didn't threaten to pull their advertising. Snerk.


La Junta Middle School Invitational 04.29.2011

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Tornado relief efforts

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries has set up a specific link for donating to relief efforts in those areas devastated by the tornadoes:

NCM/Disaster Relief USA/Canada tornadoes

It says "USA/Canada" because that's the general category. The "tornadoes" earmarks a donation for the recent incident in the southeastern US.

NCM has a five-star financial efficiency rating:

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc

Your donation won't end up funding Smilin' Jack the Bible-Thumpin' Televangelist Man's "Jeeeezus needs a new Mercedes!" pitch.


Swink Drama and Music awards 04.27.2011

We have a gallery from the Swink Drama and Music awards banquet and mini-play by the seniors, 04.27.2011:

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JV Swink Lions v. La Junta Tigers 04.25.2011

Alas ... there was no joy in Mudville, as Swink went belly up to the Tigers. With the bases loaded at the bottom of the seventh, the opportunity for a winning drive launched by Billy Mendoza's slide into home fizzled out and the Lions lo...los ... well, they didn't win.

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Swink v. Fowler Parks and Recs youth league

 We have some shots of the Swink squeakers and the Swink and Fowler 6th grade teams, Saturday's games in La Junta:

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Tiger Relays

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Why public service unions suck

Here is but one example:

Scranton police file grievance after chief makes off-duty arrest (Pennsylvania)

The Scranton police union has filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the city for an off-duty drug arrest made by Police Chief Dan Duffy in March. The complaint states that "the work of apprehending and arresting individuals has been the sole and exclusive province of members of the bargaining unit." Chief Dan Duffy responded, "I think it's absurd. I'm not going to turn my head on crime that takes place. I took the same oath that everyone else took."

Scranton police file grievance

What, you have to be a union employee to make an arrest? What horsecrap. This is but one reason why the tax-paying public thinks public service unions should be banned.


Grand Theft Donkey

Leece takes a look at the inconsistencies of the four gospels relative to Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem:

Grand Theft Donkey


Swink JV Lions v. Rye T-bolts 04.04.2011

We have a small gallery from the JV Lions' game against the T-bolts last Monday:

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Swink Lions v. Rocky Ford Meloneers 04.02.2011

We have some shots of the first game of last Saturday's double-header in Rocky Ford:

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Cowboy Wes: "A deal's a deal ..."

Yeah, there's ol' Cowboy Wes and that "Code of the West" or "Cowboy Code" or whatever it is, yet once again.

This time it's over those conservation easement tax credits:

A deal's a deal

Ol' Cowboy Wes sure makes it sound like the innocent landowners are getting screwed by the gummint, also yet once again.

But as always, there is more to the story:

Department of Revenue spokesman Mark Couch said the department is doing what it is obligated to do on behalf of taxpayers. Couch said that $466 million has been granted to filers since 2001 when the conservation-easement program began and that 16,000 tax returns have been honored.
“We don’t believe we’re the bad guys,” said Couch. “Our job is to protect the taxpayers, and we have the responsibility to make sure that the credits that are claimed are due to the filer.”

The problem arises when the easements have been way over-valued, inflated, by greedy landowners in cahoots with 'friendly' appraisers.

DoR is denying outright or holding off on granting tax credits when the easement valuations seem to be a bit ... shaky.

Our rancher pals are quite capable of speaking out of both sides of their faces, especially when weaseling a few bucks out of the government or big business is an option. We offer the Walker ranch nonsense as but one example. So why should we take this:

Property owner Jim Bucher of Pueblo, who donated land to Pueblo County in the form of easements and was denied the tax credits, said the denials he and others have experienced have come as a blow.
“The state is hurting a lot of salt-of-the-earth, real people,” said Bucher. “Many of these landowners might as well pack up and go right now.”

Boy howdy, if it ain't the Army, it's the state government. It it ain't the state government, it's the utilities companies. If it ain't the utes, it's some dumbass city slickers who don't know what it is to work a real job. If it ain't any of them, it's those 'fake cops with fake badges', denying cowpokes their God-given right to run their critters into the ground (the old "hard winter" gambit).

What evil-doing from the gummint could possibly be next? Hey! How about they cancel all those USDA subsidies! Like, wowsers, we could watch Ol' Cowboy Wes have a down home hissy fit over that one.

This lying and cheating isn't limited to 'conservation easements', either. Colorado's developers, ranchers, and others play it fast and loose with agricultural land valuations and taxation:

Stop shady agricultural land tax exemptions

And here's a good article from the Denver Post, published early last month:

Colorado tax break intended for struggling farmers enriches developers

"Struggling farmers?"

Maybe. Colorado's farmers are in many cases like North Carolina's commercial fishermen. You can starve to death raising or catching food. On the other hand, does that mean we should succumb to the likes of Ol' Cowboy Wes' and Rancher Walker's two-steps 'round the tax revenue bag?

C'mon. There's a lot more that stinketh here than feedlot overflow. It's gotten to the point that every time I hear Ol' Cowboy Wes' 'fighting' for some constituent or another, I check to make sure I still have my wallet.

Hey Wes! Quit trying to sell us a doped up, spavined, lamed out nag with the heaves while telling us what a great deal you're giving us.


Ol' Cowboy Wes and the Fair Fiscal Fiasco

Uh oh ...

Ol' Cowboy Wes seems to have stepped on his pecker with the Pueblo Chieftain:

Fair Drivel

"... we were taken aback by support given him by Rep. Wes McKinley, D-Walsh. “We’re losing money,” Rep. McKinley opined. “We can turn it over to the city or the county and they’d probably make money. The state’s proven they can’t run it.”

We didn’t realize we had such a financial wizard living in the Arkansas Valley."

That's funny. I like that bit of snarkiness in the last sentence. It makes our highly professional editorial staff at the Chieftain sound like a bunch of ... bloggers. Snerk. ("Snerk?" Yeah. Remember Ernestine the Telephone Operator? She used to 'snerk'.)

If I remember correctly, the Chieftain went against the local Democratic grain last election cycle by endorsing McKinley's opponent, Lisa Grace Kellogg. Other than that, however, they haven't had much to say about McKinley's political whackjobbery - his animal control officers fiasco; his posturing over defending that 'cattle rancher' whose critters were starving and dying (shoot; they's just had a hard winter); his nursing home fiasco; his moronic posturing over 'uranium contamination' down in the Pinon Canyon area, as a few illustrations.

Ol' Cowboy Wes is purty good with that 'Aw shucks' guitar-pickin' and cowboy pome readin'.

Otherwise, he's as full of crap as a Christmas goose.

Let's ramble a bit. You know. Do a little bit of that 'git along little dogie' stuff.

Wes appeals to the 'I want to live 100 years in the past' crowd that seems so prevalent in these southeastern Colorado counties. You know. The bunch that insists that the rest of us 'support' them and their wonderful old 'cowboy way of life'. Of course, that's a one-way street with those characters; have you seen anything from PCEOC taking the state ledge to task over Fort Lyon? And Ol' Cowboy Wes has been almost silent on that one. What he has had to say has been half-hearted and pretty weak.

Ol' Cowboy Wes does a pretty good job posturing and pandering to those down these parts who would rather live in the past. He isn't doing much for the rest of us. Rebecca Goodwin, who sits on the La Junta Urban Renewal Board, mentioned during the board's February meeting that 33% of the [local] economy is based in agriculture. I'm not sure if the segment of Ol' Cowboy Wes' constituency that forms that part of the economic base is all of the 'let's live 100 years in the past' mindset, but they sure seem to be. But what about the other two-thirds - you know, the part that makes up the majority of the economy, the non-agriculture part of the economy, that Ol' Cowboy Wes seems to have pretty much blown off. That would include the people depending on Fort Lyon for their livelihoods.

Has anyone else noticed that while Wes and Goodwin and PCEOC and the Stokers over at La Junta Mill all go on and on and on about how crucial they and agriculture all are ... they only make up a third of the economic juice in the area? That's an offshoot of that 'let's live 100 years in the past' thinking, back when our aggies had a lot more clout. Before they started selling off their water, after chastising the rest of us for not supporting them, leaving the dust blowin' in the wind, snickering all the way to the bank at the dumb city slickers who had backed 'em. Two-thirds of the local economy is not ag-based. Hey, we ain't arguing that ag ain't important ... a third of the economic engine is not to be discounted ... but when are the rest of us going to draw a line in the prairie dirt and say we've had enough of being held hostage and dictated to by people whose heads are in the late 19th century, and who don't give a dried out cow pie about the other two-thirds?


“We’re losing money,” Rep. McKinley opined. “We can turn it over to the city or the county and they’d probably make money. The state’s proven they can’t run it.”

Hey Wes. You are the state, dude. You're the elected rep of We the People down these parts. Rather than screwing us over, how about you fix the state? Isn't that your job?

Meanwhile ... for the next election:

Lisa Grace Kellogg

and for those who came along later ... the Snerker-in-Chief: