Swink Graduation 2011

We have a Shutterfly gallery of the 2011 Swink commencement exercises here:

Swink Graduation 2011

Please note that we got rid of the "PROOF" watermark across the middle of the images, and have added an option to download a high resolution digital image rather than ordering a print. The digital download is pricier, but you can make as many prints as you wish.



Swink Lions at the district baseball games

We have galleries of the Swink Lions v. Rocky Ford Meloneers and v.Las Animas Trojans up:

Mike and Leece's image galleries

under "Baseball."

Please note that we also have the latest galleries up on Shutterfly, for anyone who wants to purchase prints. We have had a lot of requests for prints, but don't have the time or the facilities to respond to all those requests. So we've set up on Shutterfly, uploading the high resolution images. Our WritingPlaces gallery images are very low res and will not print very well.

Most of our high res shots on Shutterfly can be printed as good 8x10's and larger, up to 20x30 posters in many cases.

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A review of Rob Bell's "Love Wins"

Thomas J. Oord is a professor up at Northwest Nazarene University. He has a cluster of blogs, "For the Love of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Love" for which he writes, across a fairly broad spectrum of theological 'issues.'

Recently, Oord reviewed Rob Bell's latest book, "Love Wins." Bell has been vilified by the more 'conservative' Christian segment of the population for some time now. "Love Wins" has them gnashing their teeth and foaming at the mouth, in some cases, one suspects, quite literally. Oddly (so it would seem) a good many of Bell's detractors have never read his work(s). In fact, I was recently taken to task for having fallen into Bell's heretical clutches, for 'embracing Bell's pseudo-Christianity'. My taskmaster freely admitted to having never read anything by Bell, including "Love Wins."

Oord has a somewhat different view on "Love Wins." I agree with Oord's take on the book.

You can read his review here:

Reviewing "Love Wins"

You can get the book from Amazon.com. The customer reviews are varied and interesting.

Ray Headley Invitational Track Meet 05.05.2011

We have a gallery of 387 images up here:

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under "Track."


A Christian perspective on the demise of OBL

Alise has one that's a little outside the frame of conventional wisdom:

Alise the American v. Alise the Christian

She makes some good points. At least she has a better view of it than stuffing some porkchops up the corpse's ass before shoving it all overboard. That was the view of one American Patriot I read earlier today.

OTOH, I have to wonder if she is passin' familiar with Augustine's two-step 'round that "turn the other cheek" thing, and subsequent evolutions of The Theory of Just War.