Romans 1:20 - High Plains Summer

Saturday Leece and I went up to DIA to pick up Froggers. On the way back we stopped at the Rush Creeks and other places along CO 71 for some photos.

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For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

It was that kind of day. Who needs this nonsense?


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Leece has an interesting commentary here:

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Leece's card sets

Leece is designing and selling note card sets.

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Summer in the Arkansas Valley

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Down East Churches, 2 sets "Where we worship"

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Pinche cabrones!

I came across this one the other day. Actually, a lot of people came across this one the other day; I came across it after listening to the chatter about it:

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These comments by Tim Klob and his associates are related to this:

City Council Minutes, 06.20.2011
(go to New Business, section A; and pay particular attention to Cheryl Lindner's question about funding the event through use of the lodging tax, and Mayor Rizzuto's response to her question. The legitimacy of using the lodging tax as a funding source came up at the June 15 meeting of the Tourism Board.


City Council Minutes, 07.05.2011 (go to Section E)

There was also a special meeting of the Tourism Board after the council meeting of 07.05.2011. The Tourism Board declined to allocate funds this project. Note that while the Tourism Board could have decided to allocate such funds, the final decision on how tax revenues will be spent rests with City Council.

Klob is the current president of the La Junta Chamber of Commerce. He went before Council on June 20 to ask for permission to use the tennis courts to hold a "Mixed Martial Arts" event in conjunction with Early Settlers' Day. Funding was not an issue at that time, and in fact, when Ms. Lindner asked if the permission had anything to do with granting lodging tax funds for the event, Mayor Rizzuto replied that the motion had nothing to do with funding.

Further, it is clear from Councilman Schmidt's motion that permission to hold this MMA event was contingent upon MMA providing proof of insurance; sanctioning of the event, and financing by the Chamber of Commerce for the event. Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) insures the city, and CIRSA does not cover sporting events.

You will note that Klob said he would get started right way on the insurance, sanctioning, and the financing. According to the minutes, Klob raised no questions about Council authorizing any funding for this event.

According to the minutes of the July 5 meeting of City Council, Klob was not present, so he could not have asked for funding from council, and since the question was not posed to council, there is no reason for council to have voted either way on the matter. Mr. Malouff, the city attorney, notes that Klob had not accomplished any of the items that he said he would 'get started on right away.'

So the question is, why did Klob state that city council and/or the Tourism Board were 'fucking assholes' for not giving him the money for MMA?

Need a drinking buddy. The city said no money to help me bring M.M.A. to early settlers day. PINCHE' CABRONEYS
That was posted the day after the meeting of July 5.

Klob is the president of the La Junta Chamber of Commerce. He was at the council meeting of June 20 in that capacity. The question arises: When Klob refers to our city council as 'fucking assholes' in a public forum, is he speaking for the Chamber of Commerce? Is he stating the official position of the Chamber of Commerce? If that is the case, and the Chamber believes council to be made up of 'fucking assholes' and agrees with the exhortation by Mr. Villareal to "... Fresh Fuck Them Putos ...", then I would suggest that we have far greater 'issues' than those startling revelations recently identified by our 'movers and shakers.'

Regarding the use of tax revenues to fund 'for profit' ventures sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, or anyone else for that matter - I fail utterly to understand why money should be taken out of the pockets of anyone by any government entity, and given to private business concerns to assist them in making a profit. We already have enough of that going on with grant money being handed out to the likes of Viaero, and to improve railroad properties for the sake of 'tourism',, and we certainly have enough of that going on in Washington. Is Klob advocating a local version of 'Hope and Change?' Are we 'shovel ready?'

Additionally, I am curious to know what connection a mixed martial arts event has to do with the Early Settlers' Day theme. And, given the comments from Klob and some of his respondents regarding alcohol consumption, is Early Settlers' Day moving away from being a family event, to become something else entirely? If it's just going to be a Chamber-sponsored drunkfest, I believe our family can find something else to do that day.

Note that this is not simply a matter of Klob disagreeing with an action by council. As a citizen, he has every right to disagree with our government, and vigorously, at all levels. I am sure we are all on the same page with this. But this is not a 'disagreement.' It is first a misrepresentation of the fact pattern, and it is egregious enough of a misrepresentation that one might reasonably conclude that it is a deliberate misrepresentation. It is second a gross personal insult to our council members. And, it is an ad hominem attack, rather than a bona fide disagreement with a council decision, a decision which Klob has greatly misrepresented to begin with.

It boils down to this: Is Klob a 'community leader?' Or would the term 'pinche cabron' be more properly applied to Klob, rather than our elected representatives?