An Obamanian Krystalnacht?

The President's DoJ investigates S&P

That'll teach 'em to make the One look bad. S&P should have been investigated for this long ago. Why wait until S&P made the Obamessiah look bad with their downgrade? It's a perfect example of The Chikaga Way. The One could give lessons on how to use one's official position to screw people to former Governor Rod "Dead Meat" Blagojevich.

Obama's Brown Shirts. I wonder when they're going to hold their Kristallnacht for Republican shop owners. Some might say that's a bit of a stretch, and if it were taken literally, they'd probably be right. I really don't expect agents of the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to be smashing the store windows of Republican shop owners. But this sort of thing, with S&P, is just another form.