Naval Honors

Owen P. Honors can stay in the Navy. For now.

Panel: Captain who made videos can stay

But while Honors can stay in, he is also one of those being considered for early retirement, as the Navy starts releasing people in order to cut costs (eliminating jobs is, if you haven't noticed, part of the Obamanian economic solution).

Honors was the mastermind behind a series of home videos, which "... Among other things, the videos included simulated same-sex shower scenes, anti-gay slurs and references to prostitution in foreign ports ..."

They were pretty bad, actually. What made them really bad was the ship's commander knew all about them, and Honors, who was the XO at the time, had a starring role in them,as a kind of 'facilitator.' No, Honors did not set much of a leadership model for his sailors. And when he continually referred to the Surface Warfare Officers, the SWO's, on the ship, as 'fags', he really didn't do much for team spirit and crew cohesion, did he?

He justifies this by saying the videos were 'popular', and that is supported by interviews of some of the sailors. But letting sailors sleep in late, smoke dope in the focs'l, and run around like slobs also tends to be quite popular. I don't think it does much for discipline, however. His supporters say that this sort of thing is 'normal' in the Navy ... though as Charlie Manson once said, "Who really knows what's 'normal'?" They miss a significant point. What a bunch of sailors bandy about in their mess area or quarters is just another form of Butthead and Beavis 'humor'. What the ship's executive officer puts out with his stamp of approval and implicit support becomes policy. There really is a difference.

He claims the release of the videos was an act of revenge by an officer whom he 'disciplined.' If I were an officer who had been 'disciplined' by this clown, I think I'd have released the videos too. Honors seems to be very much one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' types that can get by very well in the military and naval services. It would appear that he has finally discovered what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, though he really hasn't made the connection that he screwed up here.

It's all someone else's fault. That's odd, because senior officers especially tend not to be Democrats. You'll notice that throughout Honors' comments, he never admits that he was wrong; he is concerned by the fact that he got caught.

In any case, good riddance to Naval Honors.