"I don't wanna work ..."

I just wanna bang on a drum all day ...:

The "Occupation Anthem":

Since Nancy Pelosi, Wes McKinley, and the Democratic National Committee have all endorsed the Occupiers ... can we presume that this is also the official song of the Democratic Party?


Free speech

Patience tested over waste, crime at protest sites

Free speech is a wonderful thing, isn't it? It lets us see exactly what the Democrats support. And where are the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi, and Cowboy Wes?Are they now 'distancing' themselves from this? If so, it's too late.

And here is a link with some good video clips of the Oakland dustup:

Rioting in downtown Oakland

I would have thunked Nancy and ol' Cowboy Wes would have been on the scene to offer moral support and demonstrate solidarity with the protestors.

This one is particularly fascinating:


Swink Blood Drive

While the politicians are busy stabbing each other in the back and jockeying for a better position from which to get their hands on our wallets, here is something far more worthwhile, that can distract you from that foolishness:

Reserve your spot to save a life at our Swink High School Blood Drive

Monday, November 14th

From 9:00 to 10:30 am and from 12:00 to 2:30 pm in the Conference Room

Please sign up for an appointment by contacting Swink High School’s Counseling Office at 719/384-8103

For general information about blood donor eligibility or to contact Bonfils’ Donor Relations department with questions about blood donation, please call 800/365-0006, ext. 2.


Biden Evokes Sexual, Violent Imagery Again in Push for $447 Jobs Bill

Biden Evokes Sexual, Violent Imagery Again in Push for $447 Jobs Bill

“Let me tell you, it’s not temporary when that 9-1-1 call comes in and a woman’s being raped. If a cop shows up in time to prevent the rape, it’s not temporary to that woman,” Biden said with his voice rising. “It’s not temporary to the guy whose store is being held up and has a gun being pointed to his head if a cop shows up and he’s not killed. That’s not temporary to that store owner. Give me a break -- temporary.

“I wish these guys who thought it was temporary, I wish they had some notion what it’s like be on the other side of a gun or a 200-pound man standing over you telling you to submit,” he added. “Folks, it matters. It matters.”

Last Wednesday, Biden suggested during a speech in Flint, Mich., that rapes and murders could rise if the jobs bill failed to pass Congress.

Wow. Talk about fear-mongering. Joltin' Joe insists that instances of rape have risen in numbers. He did. In his own words, "I said 'rape is up', three times ... there are the numbers .... go look at the numbers ... " OK. Let's do just that. Here are the numbers. Take a look:

Those figures are from the Department of Justice's Bureau of  Justice Statistics. We also have this from the BJS:

The violent crime rate declined from 19.3 to 17.1 victimizations per 1,000 persons during 2009, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) in the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, announced today. This decline continued a longer-run decline from 51.2 victimizations per 1,000 persons in 1994 and brought violent crime rates to their lowest levels since 1973, the first year that BJS collected data from crime victims through its National Criminal Victimization Survey (NCVS).

Statistical compilations generally run two years behind the current year. There is no indication from currently available data that the trend identified through 2009 has turned upward. A BJS estimate for 2010:

  • The rate of total violent crime victimizations declined by 13% in 2010, which was about three times the average annual decrease observed from 2001 through 2009 (4%).
  • The decline in the rate of simple assault accounted for about 82% of the total decrease in the rate of violent victimization in 2010.
  • In 2010 the property victimization rate declined by 6%, compared to the average annual decrease of 3% observed from 2001 through 2009.

Typically of our vice president, he is blowing it out his bunghole. In a manner of speaking. As usual, he is using bluster and bombast to bully so-called 'journalists', who these days don't do much in the way of fact-checking, and to pretty much inundate We the People with verbal bovine excrement. Yep, that's our political leadership for you.

That aside,  Joltin' Joe is using a really bad example. Does he really think that this so-called 'jobs bill' is going to have an effect on 911 and response times? Does he have even the slightest  clue as to 911 response times?

I wonder what he would think of this:

"When seconds count ... the police are only minutes away."

For example:

Clerk kills would-be robber who grabbed daughter

You'll note that the sheriff's department showed up in time to conduct the investigation. That isn't the fault of the sheriff's department; it's the reality of life. All the Obama-money (which is really your money, and mine, that the Obamanians want to either borrow from the Chinaman so we can pay it back later, or shake out of our pockets in the here and now) in the world wouldn't have made that any different.

If the line between civilized America and the savage criminal elements is so thin that only Obama's 'jobs bill' can save us ... I think we'd be a lot better off if the 'jobs bill' funded trainers and courses for the use of firearms in self-defense. Also range construction and development. And stimulus money to firearms manufacturers. And subscriptions to Guns and Ammo magazine.



Alternate fuel

DinkyDau Billy was slurping a diet Dr. Pepper as we walked into The Holy Land Quickee's. We placed our order with Juan Diego, and sat across from Billy. He had several piles of papers scattered around in front of his laptop.

"Hi Billy!" Leece greeted him enthusiastically.

"Hi yerself, CourtWench," he replied.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Well, you've seen that sign up at 10th and Colorado in The Smile Hi City? The one about laser liposuction?"

We both nodded that we had.

"I been researchin'. I think I unnerstand The Plan," he shared.

"The Plan?" we both chorused.

"Yeah.  Yeah.  You know how Michelle Obama is down on fat people?"

We allowed as how we knew that.

"An you know hows the Obamessiah is pushin' his Obamacare thing?"

We allowed as how we knew that.

"An you know how he's really pushin' those alternative fuels?"

"Oh yes. You mean like Solyndra," Leece said, "The outfit that trashed, what, over $500 million in our tax money, through the stupidity of Obama's 'energy team'?"

"Well ... yeah, though I think they gots somethin else in mind," Billy revealed.

"Like what?"

"Well ... the bidness about getting fat people to lose weight by dieting and eatin healthy grits ain't workin', you know," Billy shared, "so they's had to come up with an alternative plan."

"Like what?"

"Well ... Obamacare will pay for that laser liposuction. So you can eat whatever you want in spite of what he said back during the campaign, and still get fat, and the government will save you through the technological marvel of laser liposuction. And that helps the energy deficit, too, you see."

We didn't, not actually.

"Well ... they's backin' off that eatin' healthy thing. That was killin' the alternative fuels effort. Now they wants Americans to stuff themselves with fat foods. Uh ... make that 'fast' foods ...", Billy revealed. He was in one of his Revelation moods.

"But what's the purpose?" asked Leece.

"Well ... they takes all the blubber and tallow they sucks out of people, and ship it off in tanker trucks to a refining plant, and render it down to lubricants and fuels," Billy advised, "so the fatter Americans are, the more blubber and tallow can be sucked out of them, and the more alternative fuels can hit the market. Kind of like suckin' more money out of our wallets in the form of taxes, you see."

We sat there staring at him. As whacked out as it sounded, it didn't sound any more whacked out that some other things the government was doing. Solyndra, for example.

"But there's even more," Billy advised.

"What's that?" we chorused. We were ready to do some serious choir work.

"It creates jobs, too. We all eat more, so that's good for the farmers and ranchers. And as you know, we owe it to them to keep the market up for them. And think of all those liposuction technicians the nation will need. And the skilled refinery workers to process all that blubber and tallow. Union workers, too, so you know they'll vote for Obama in 2012."

We sat there, marveling at the intricities of the interlocking insurance, fuels, and jobs program devised by our benefactors in Washington.

"Shoot," I said, "with that kind of courageous avant garde thinking, we owe it to him to re-elect him."

We sat there, contemplating the greatness of America.

"It's better than the ethanol subsidy," Billy observed.

Coming soon ... a look at the relationship between elephant dung paper, the US Treasury, our national interests in Africa, and Obama's latest military adventure on the Dark Continent.

The Occupiers

As we have previously noted, the Democratic National Committee stands with the occupiers. So does Nancy Pelosi. So does our own elected rep, Wes McKinley.

So who are these occupiers?

Here are the ones over in LA:

The occupation of LA: Part IV

The Los Angeles city council - all Democrats - has passed a resolution of support for the 'occupiers' who are trashing the park that surrounds LA city hall.

About a third of the way down, you will find a series of photos showing US flags lying on the ground, being used as tarps and tents, and being walked on by occupiers.

American flags can be seen throughout the encampment used as tarps and blankets, or simply crumpled on the ground.

Here ya go (all photos courtesy of Ringo):

But wait! There's more!

They're communists and Jew-haters as well:

There ya go. It's wonderful that they have the opportunity to freely express themselves, don't you agree?

These are the views  the Democrats are supporting. Thanks to the exercise of free speech, we have a much better idea of what the Democratic Party stands for.

Pete King doesn't understand that free speech is essential to a free republic, a free democracy. If Pete King had his way, these people would have been gagged, and we would never have known their 'values'.


Doxology, Rocky Mountain Mennonite Relief Sale 10.15.2011

The Doxology being sung just before the main auction, Rocky Mountain Mennonite Relief Sale, Rocky Ford, CO. We missed the first few seconds, unfortunately:

Hi res MP4 file:

Some background:

When, why, and how do Mennonites use the anthem?


Who are the Mennonites?

There is an image gallery on WritingPlaces.com, under Flash Galleries | Events. You have to scroll down quite a ways to get to it.


Brian Cowdrey

Back in February 2010 we posted about Staff Sergeant Robert B.'Brian' Cowdrey, an Army medic serving in Afghanistan:

Robert 'Brian' Cowdrey in Afghan battle

Staff Sergeant Cowdrey,  La Junta High School class of 1990, was killed in Afghanistan on 13 October 2011:

Flight Medic SSGT Robert "Brian" Cowdrey Killed In Afghanistan

Brian Cowdrey with Task Force Pegasus last year

Blogpost from Soldiers' Angels Germany:

Godspeed, SSG Robert "Brian" Cowdrey

More in this Soldiers' Angels Germany blogpost:

The Gypsies


"No one dies in my aircraft"


"Soldier remembered as 'servant leader'"

Thought processes

So Brookfield Properties, who own Zucotti Park, where the so-called 'Occupy Wall Street protestors' are squatting, finally got fed up with the mess those people were making of their property.

The cops were supposed to start clearing 'em out so Brookfield could clean the place up. The 'protestors' had turned it into a real pig sty. The 'protestors' have violated all of Brookfield's rules about park use:

Brookfield Properties, the owner of the park, gave the protesters notice on Thursday that it will begin enforcing park regulations, which prohibit everything from lying down on benches to leaving personal property on the ground.

Park regulations on the notice includes no tents, tarps or sleeping bags on the ground, no lying on benches and no personal property stored on the ground. All these practices have been common at the park, where protesters have lived, slept and eaten for nearly a month

Remember ... Zucotti Park is private property. Though it is a park in the middle of New York City's financial district, it is still private property. In that sense, it is the same as ... oh .... Cowboy Wes McKinley's ranch. When the 'protestors' violate the rules that the owners have set up, it's just like visitors to Cowboy Wes' ranch violating whatever rules he has set up. Like, you know, leaving gates open, peeing and crapping in the stock tanks (we're presuming Cowboy Wes wouldn't allow that), leaving trash to blow across the prairie ... that sort of thing. These are akin to the sorts of things the 'protestors' have been doing. It kind of makes you wonder how Ol' Cowboy Wes can join in such doings, doesn't it? He has, you know, with the Denver brethren of the Occupy Wall Streeters. By expressing solidarity with them, is it not logical to conclude that he approves of all this?

Then we have this:

"They're going to use the cleanup to get us out of here!" said Justin Wedes, 25, a part-time public high school science teacher from Brooklyn. "It's a de facto eviction notice."

So they've turned to and are scrubbing down the park themselves, which they should have been doing since the beginning. That, and observing the property owner's rules in the first place. But it's still Mayor Bloomberg's fault:

"If Bloomberg truly cares about sanitation here he should support the installation of portopans and dumpsters. #OWS allies have been working to secure these things to support our efforts."

They think the taxpayers of New York should pay for them to trespass in sanitary fashion. They really have to be Democrats ...

Interesting viewpoint, is it not? It's all the evil property owner's fault. It's all the government's fault. The nerve of them, trying to get those squatters off the property so it can be cleaned up. The nerve of them, insisting that the rules for use of their property be observed.

I really gotta wonder what would happen if a bunch of PETA members started camping out on Wes' ranch, making a mess of it, and making incoherent demands that he stop murdering cows. Would he just ... dialog with them?

The thought processes here are astounding.



So I was doing a bit of research on some of the wrecks between Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout, part of the area known as 'The Graveyard of the Atlantic' and 'Torpedo Junction.' I was looking up info on the tanker Papoose and the tanker W.E. Hutton, both sunk by U-124 19 March 1942. There's some confusion as to which wreck is which, though these days it's generally accepted that what we used to think is the Papoose is in fact W.E. Hutton.

There is a wonderful website for those who may be interested in submarine warfare in the Atlantic during World War II, and World War I. I've used it many times in the past but I don't think I've ever posted about it.

Check this:


It's been around for awhile, but it just keeps getting better.

Another view of Occupy Denver

Here is a somewhat different take on Occupy Denver:

As politicians edge away from Occupy Denver, one state rep. joins the Occupation

Ol' Cowboy Wes figures prominently in this one, too. An excerpt:

“I’m a state representative,” McKinley said. “It’s my job to represent people. How do you do that? You listen to them, and try to understand them.

“I think it is interesting to see citizens getting more involved in their government and that is what we see here. This is a group of people that we in government don’t normally hear from but they deserve to be represented.”

Well, that's true, don't you think? Pete King could take a lesson from Cowboy Wes on that.

But then we have this:

McKinley said some people have made a big deal out of his presence at the Occupation, as if his sleeping in a park is a sacrifice. “I like to sleep outside in God’s atmosphere,” he said. “I’m not a politician. I’m a cowboy. This is part of our society, part of our country, and I’m just down here to support them. They seem to feel that the government doesn’t listen, and that is true. The government doesn’t listen. I want to find out what these people care about. Anytime the people get involved, we get that much closer to being a government for the people and by the people.”

Admirable sentiments, for a fellow who is about to be term limited out of office, and who has just recently established residence in Las Animas County so as to run for county commissioner. You'll notice Wes is listed as "D-Cokeville" these days.  Not sure how that fits with being just a cowpoke, but it does pay $58,500 per  year, according to the April 5, 2010 Salaries of state and county elected officials and district attorneys.

Purty good draw there, for a non-politician, don't you think? It's quite a bit better than the $30,000 state reps get, according to the same document. Pretty good retirement plan, too.

I just love altruism, don't you?

Zucotti Park and Cowboy Wes McKinley

Zucotti Park is a privately owned park on Wall Street.

It's private property, owned by Brookfield Properties. The 'Occupy Wallstreet' bunch has been trashing it since Day 1:

The company told police that it had received “hundreds of phone calls and emails” from locals complaining about "lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, the lack of safe access to and usage of the Park, ongoing noise at all hours, unsanitary conditions and offensive odors,” NBC New York reports.

The so-called 'protestors' have taken on the mantle of squatters:

"Basic rules intended to keep the park safe, open, clean, and welcoming to all visitors are clearly posted," the statement from Brookfield reads. "These rules includes bans on the erection of tents or other structures, as well as the placement of tarps, sleeping bags, or other coverings on the property.

"Unfortunately, many of the individuals currently occupying the grounds are ignoring these basic yet necessary requirements, which interferes with the use of the park by others."

The Democrats are on board with this behavior, the Democratic National Committee and the Speaker of the House of the US House of Representatives, our beloved Nancy Pelosi,  having gone on record as supporting these so-called 'protestors.' Joe Biden has compared these characters to the Tea Party, an opinion addressed by Karl Rove, the fellow the far left sees as the evil mastermind of the Bush II regime.

And our own state rep, Wes McKinley, has joined the Denver branch of this 'movement,' going so far as to have set up his tepee and living with the 'protestors' in what we presume is a gesture of 'solidarity.' (Here is where we all rise, raise our right fists into the air, and shout 'Power to the people!'.)

Cowboy Wes is the darling of the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition. Does PCEOC support the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement? How do the demands of the 'occupiers' fit in with PCEOC's view on private property rights?

My question to Cowboy Wes is this: I though you were a big proponent of private property rights, Wes. How is it, then, that you can support a group that has so little regard for the property of others? Can I come down to your ranch and set up a tent on your property, and protest the price of beef? How would that work for you, Wes?


Pete King: All-American Congresscritter

Pete King, all-American congresscritter from New York, was on Laura Ingraham's show the other day. He really went off on the "Occupy (pick your place)" mobs who are running around trashing city parks everywhere, while making demands that would drive an economics student at the University of Leningrad to paroxysms of giggles.

"The fact is these people are anarchists. They have no idea what they're doing out there," King said. "They have no sense of purpose other than a basically anti-American tone and anti-capitalist. It's a ragtag mob basically."

Well, I rather tend to agree with Pete on that one. There aren't a lot of rocket scientists, much less competent economists, in those crowds. Here is a commentary on their list of demands:

Unfocused "Occupy Wall Street" Protestors Make List of Demands

Check those babies out.

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment. See? They just want more handouts. But wait ... there's more!

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

Um hmmm ... hey, I like that one. I'm not sure how they expect all those who have worked to produce a product - like, you know, a house - that someone has bought through a mortgage - or, like, you know, a car - that someone has bought through a loan down at the bank - I'm not sure how they expect those who worked to produce those things to actually live if all the loans are flushed. I mean, like ... they wouldn't be paid for their work. But wait! I'm wrong! Yes, I am! There's that guaranteed 'living wage income', even if you don't have a job. I'm not sure how you get a 'wage' if you don't do anything to earn it, but then, I'm apparently not in tune with The Movement.

And I thought the Tea Party was nuts. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has jumped on board with these characters, as has the Democratic National Committee, and our own Wes McKinley. Hey, Cowboy Wes! If I buy one of your cows, do I have to, like, you know, actually pay you for it? I do? You capitalist oppressor of the masses,  you!

So the Republicans have a chance to cash in, if you will pardon a rather capitalistic expression, on just how far out there the Democrats have drifted. But they aren't. There's just more mindless rhetoric from the likes of Pete King:

"[W]e have to be careful not to allow this to get any legitimacy," he warned. "I'm taking this seriously in that I'm old enough to remember what happened in the 1960s when the left-wing took to the streets and somehow the media glorified them and it ended up shaping policy," he said. "We can't allow that to happen."

Oh, Petey ... what are you going to do? Federalize the Guard and start shooting protestors? I'm old enough to remember the 60's, too, when the left-wing took to the streets to protest the nation's involvement in an insane war, and our government's insane policies associated with that war. Like today's protests, those too were filled with bad logic, poorly expressed reasoning, and a lot of distractions ... but they were an American expression of resistance to the moral corruption of our government, and underneath the nonsense was a good dollop of truth. I think if we looked deep enough into these Occupy Wherever demonstrations, we would find that to be the case as well.

In that, I do agree with Cowboy Wes, that democracy is messy, often painful, and sometimes enough to drive one right up the wall.

I would rather have that, than Pete King stomping his jackboots all over the Constitution. The thing to do is realize that most Americans are not stupid, and will figure this out, one way or another. We did in the sixties and seventies, and we will this time around as well. We don't need the likes of Pete King mandating who gets to say what, or how, or where, or when.

Meanwhile, we continue to come to grips with the vital issues of the day, as the Religious Right vaporlocks over Mormonism. I wonder ... are Hagee and Jeffress Glen Beck fans?

I can feel the love from not only the Democrats, and from Pete King, but also the Religious Right.


Swink Classic Volleyball Tournament 10.08.2011

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Under the Flash Galleries for School Sports section.We have pictures of Swink, Cheraw, Holly, La Veta, and Hugo-Genoa.

JV LJ Tigers v. JV Florence Huskies 10.08.2011

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