A pile of political manure

Rick Perry 'steps in it'

Indeed he has. A pair of chest waders won't get him out of this pile of political manure.

We can only wonder if the Gov has been taking lessons from the Otero County and State of Colorado Republican party machines.

Meanwhile ...

November 10, 2011

Three Things from Rick Perry

About Last Night

Dear American:

Okay, lookit, there are three things I forgot to mention last night.

Firstly, you should never drink before a debate. Right after that danged
thing was over I had to stick my head in the porcelain throne and that lawn
gnome Ron Paul had to hold my hair. This morning my head hurts like it was
hit with a hammer in one of those movies with Larry, Curly, and… Larry,
Curly, and what’s the other one? Ah, shit.

Now here’s B: the American people have to decide what’s worse, forgetting
which agencies you plan to get rid of or forgetting which ladies you tried
to nail when you were running the National Restaurant Association. I can
tell you this, if somebody asked me if I remembered who I’d sexually
harassed I could sure as shit tell you their names. But please don’t ask me

And finally, number 3: what the hell was number 3 again? I’ve got it on the
tip of my tongue. Nope, I’ve lost it. Oops.

Vote for me,

Rick Perry