Penn State's high standards

Multiple threats sideline Penn State Coach

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary will miss Saturday's game against Nebraska after the school said he received "multiple threats."

McQueary is the coach who testified in the grand jury investigation about seeing Sandusky sodomizing a boy in the Penn State athletic facility showers. That's what led to the God-like Penn State coach, Joe Paterno. being fired, and as a sidenote, the firing of the university president.

So. To Penn State's football fans, sodomizing kids is OK, so long as they win their football games?

The press has been going on about how Paterno met his 'legal obligations' by reporting the matter to his so-called 'superiors' at Penn State.

However, Pennsylvania law says otherwise.

Standards for Making a ReportCons. Stat. Tit. 23, § 6311

A report is required when a person, who in the course of employment, occupation, or practice of a profession, comes into contact with children, has reasonable cause to suspect, on the basis of medical, professional, or other training and experience, that a child is a victim of child abuse.

The 'report' is by statutory definition a police report, not a report to school/university officials. Paterno, by his job position, is one of those mandated to make a police report, and so was the president of the university. They did not. And the behavior of Penn State alumni, students, and fans shows why - they don't care who their coaches sodomize ... so long as they win those football games.

It's all a matter of prioritizing what's important, you see.