"Hot Rod" Blagojevich in prison

CHICAGO — Two of Rod Blagojevich’s former attorneys visited the former Illinois governor and say he is washing pots and pans as he begins his term at a Colorado federal prison. 

Attorneys Sam Adam Sr. and Sam Adam Jr. visited their former client for 90 minutes on Sunday in Littleton, Colo., WFLD-TV in Chicago reported Monday.

The attorneys said Blagojevich has three cellmates and gets along with all of them.

“The guy that he is bunking with, he likes very, very much,” Sam Adam Jr. said. “They’ve bonded.”

How sweet!


The North Koreans

The western media seems to be chuckling into its collective beer mugs over the failure of the Nork missile.

In your dreams

Image by FoxNews

  They shouldn't be quite so cocky about it.

Back in the late fifties and early sixties, the US missile and rocket program was a laughingstock, as we watched one failure after another after another. If you don't remember that, or perhaps are too young to remember that - as many of our 'reporters' apparently are - just go over to YouTube.com and search on "US rocket failures."

The Norks are determined to build a missile that will carry a nuke. Eventually, they will. Just as the Iranians are determined to build a nuke. Eventually, they will. After all, who is going to stop them? Obama?


Obama the Constitutional scholar

“I am confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Barack H. Obama actually said that, on April 2. A day earlier, and it could have been blown off as an April Fool's joke. But it wasn't a day earlier, and Obama was quite serious. No joke.

What is also 'no joke' is Obama's unprecedented ignorance, couple with his very precedented arrogance. Since the earliest days of the Republic, the Supreme Court of the United States has been striking down Congressional foolishness and poor judgment.

That's what they do. That's one of the main reasons they exist. They are a major component of the system of checks and balances that keep people like Obama, or our Congressclowns, from making too greedy a power grab.

Here is a pretty good summary of laws passed by the US Congress, as well as the various state legislatures, struck down by the US Supreme Court. And here is another one, published by the Government Printing Office:

Acts of Congress held unconstitutional in whole or in part by the Supreme Court of the United States

Not much of a Constitutional scholar, is our former instructor on Constitutional law.

He also has a remarkable concept of 'strongly', as he uses it in reference to the passion with which Obamacare was embraced by our Congresscritters. Remember the vote? In the House, it passed 219-212. If that's Obama's idea of 'strong', how would he define 'weak'? A dead tie?

We can't even be sure about that 'democratically elected Congress' comment, not with the recent indictment of four officials of the Indiana Democratic Party for voter and election fraud. Then there's the Ohio election fraud. Even Colorado has its contribution to Obamanian concept of 'democratically elected': Finding voter fraud - 8 suspect counties in Colorado.

Brings a new meaning to the term 'democratically elected', don't you think?

Two things interject a bit of humor into this latest round of Obamanian arrogance:

Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case

Overturning a law of course would not be unprecedented -- since the Supreme Court since 1803 has asserted the power to strike down laws it interprets as unconstitutional. The three-judge appellate court appears to be asking the administration to admit that basic premise -- despite the president's remarks that implied the contrary. The panel ordered the Justice Department to submit a three-page, single-spaced letter by noon Thursday addressing whether the Executive Branch believes courts have such power, the lawyer said.

Ain't that a hoot? It's the equivalent of 'Go to your room, young man, and write and essay for me about how you misbehaved.' Only Obama won't have to write it; some poor flunkies in the DoJ will have to write it.

Elseplace in the article, you can see how Obama is already doing a two-step on his comments.

Then ... CNN's very liberal legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin gave the administration a bit of a bitch slap when he referred to the government lawyers' efforts as a 'train wreck'.

"This was a train wreck for the Obama administration. This law looks like it's going to be struck down. I'm telling you, all of the predictions, including mine, that the justices would not have a problem with this law, were wrong. Justice Kennedy, the swing vote, was enormously skeptical. Justice Alito, Justice Scalia were constantly skeptical. Justice Thomas didn't say anything, but we know his position on the issue. The only conservative justice who looked like he might uphold the law was Chief Justice Roberts, who asked hard questions of both sides."

We can only hope.