How's that economy doin' fer ya, Barack?

The number of planned U.S. layoffs soared 53% in May from April to 61,887, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. It was the highest reading since September 2011. 

But ... but ... the President is on board with gay marriage! What else matters?

Certainly not this:

New claims for unemployment benefits rose to 383,000 last week from an upwardly revised 373,000 the week prior. Claims were expected to remain unchanged at a previously reported 370,000. 

The American Pope

Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan is having some 'issues' of his own, as is The One True Church. Dolan is also the Archbishop of New York. He is known for his 'conservative' values, and he is much smoother with the media than, oh ... George Bush, for example, and he doesn't seem to need a teleprompter to keep from stepping all over  his own feet, as does The Big O.

He has been referred to, perhaps somewhat wishfully, as "The American Pope."

Dolan has been implicated in the coverups of pedophile priests, by the Church. He denies this, of course, yet in today's mailbag we have this article:

Milwaukee archdiocese confirms payments to accused priests who left ministry

SNAP sounds like they’re saying these were kind of payoffs to priests who had substantial allegations against them,” Wolf added. She said the payments were to help the men transition to lay life without completely losing access to needs such as health care.

That Wolf person is a spokesperson for the Milwaukee archdiocese. I think her statement is disingenuous at best; an outright lie at worst. What it really boiled down to was that the Church could shuffle these perverts out the door, quietly. Minimizing the bad publicity. Wolf might want to think more about when and if the Church was going to show so much concern for the well-being of the kids diddled by God's professionals. Of course, it's fairly clear that the victims are of little concern to the Church.

Dolan was right in the middle of it:

Archbishop Timothy Dolan Offered $20,000 To Priests Suspected Of Child Abuse To Make Them Leave The Priesthood

A spokesman for the archdiocese confirmed on Wednesday that payments of as much as $20,000 were made to “a handful” of accused priests “as a motivation” not to contest being defrocked. The process, known as “laicization,” is a formal church juridical procedure that requires Vatican approval, and can take far longer if the priest objects.
“It was a way to provide an incentive to go the voluntary route and make it happen quickly, and ultimately cost less,” said Jerry Topczewski, the spokesman for the archdiocese. “Their cooperation made the process a lot more expeditious.”

Kept them out of prison, and kept the Church out of the headlines, too.

Then we have the Attack on the Nuns:

Is the Pope Catholic?

Carol DeChant wrote that one. DeChant is hardly a Catholic hater; here is some background on her.

But in her article she asks some pretty good questions. Here's what I think is the best one:

Does the Pope really want to force American Catholics to choose between standing with our nuns or with a male hierarchy interrogating them for nebulous infractions, with a stated agenda of keeping their findings secret? Where could we find Jesus in all this -- among our nuns, whose life of service is based on the Gospels' call to justice and charity, or in the Vatican, whose concerns appear to be power and secrecy?

Personally, my money's on the nuns.

I am a sortakinda Catholic, as previously noted, since one never really leaves The One True Church having been assimilated, despite all protestations to the contrary. Not even Luther wanted to leave The One True Church; he just wanted to fix it.

At the moment, I'm  hanging around with a bunch of Protestants, mostly because of things like DeChant describes, and because of nonsense like what Dolan is pulling under the cover of his authority as cardinal and archbishop - which is nothing new and certainly not restricted to Dolan - and because of the inherent hypocrisy, and also because of the kind of pre-Reformation thinking that has led to Vatigate and Vatileaks. The concept of Papal infallibility, if not impeccability - they are two very different things, often confused especially by non-Catholics - and the dogma surrounding the nature of the Eucharist are two more 'issues'. But the Protestants have their own problems, not the least of which are the hypocrisy of rampant fundamentalism and the greed of so-called 'prosperity preachers', and which are at least as bad as the failings of The One True Church.

Add to that, that The One True Church currently looks as though it were being run by a bunch of those Protestant televangelist prosperity preachers, and no wonder so many people are saying ... "Screw it. It's Sunday morning. I'm going fishing.Or golfing. Or sleeping in." And from there, making their peace with God, without the assistance of his self-appointed 'professionals.'

Perhaps this is why so many are taking a pass on what Dolan, the Pope, and the Christian Right/Fundies are selling as 'salvation'. I think they've all missed the boat; in fact, it left them at the dock a long time ago.

"We'll chew him alive ..."

The rats in the Pakistani government would have us believe that Dr. Afridi's association with the CIA in nailing ObL has nothing to do with his 33 year prison sentence.

They now - after Rand Paul has put forth a bill to cut all aid - all $2 billion and them some - to the corrupt Paki regime, now they are insisting that it was because Afridi had ties to Lashkar-e-Islam, a militant Islamic fundie gang.

Unfortunately, Lashkar-e-Islam isn't playing well with the Rats of Islamabad:

A commander from the group Lashkar-e-Islam told AFP that "We have no link to such a shameless man. If we see him, we'll chew him alive." 

I suppose the spokesperson for Lashkar-e-Islam - speaking on condition of anonymity, of course - has his own definition of 'shameless' ... objecting to the murder of women and children apparently makes one 'shameless' ... but we're going to have to agree to disagree on that definition. What is The Big O doing about all this? Having a Beer Summit with the Rats of Islamabad?

Pakistan militant group denies ties to doctor

An under-employed mayor

Bloomberg seeks to ban super-sized drinks

Does this man not have enough to do?


The Pakistani rat

Judgment claims Pakistani doctor sentenced for militant ties, not CIA assistance

If anyone believes that, we have some beachfront property in Islamabad we can sell, cheap.


U.S. officials consistently have given no indication that Afridi was jailed for anything other than his work with the CIA. Pakistani officials likewise did little to knock that narrative down ever since Afridi was taken into custody last year ...

But then Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, came up with a bill to remove all aid to the thugs and thieves that comprise the Paki government, military, and police.

Not just the $33 million earlier referred to, but the whole aid package. This year's aid to Pakistan comes to $2.1 billion. Yes. That's right. $2.1 billion. We're giving these thieving bandits $2.1 billion of our money, money that the United States government is taking out of our pockets and giving to these thugs.

For what? What are we getting for $2.1 billion?  

The judgment was made public just hours after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced a bill to strip Pakistan of all U.S. aid until Afridi is released to the United States. 

Now all of a sudden, Afridi "... has been shown acting with other foreign intelligence agencies, but all this evidence could not be taken into account for the lack of jurisdiction." 

So while they acknowledge those 'foreign intelligence agencies" (the CIA), they say they really couldn't consider that, because they don't have jurisdiction.

It all has to do with the doc being "in league" with Lashkar-e-Islam, a militant group active in the tribal areas and committed to implementing fundamentalist Shariah law. However, Afridi is a member of ... surprisingly enough ... the Afridi tribe, which "... has actually had long-running tensions with Lashkar-e-Islam."

And you would think that the US government could come up with a better way to spend the money they filch out of our pockets.

That apparently got the wind up in Islamabad. Why do I smell Rats, there in the Paki government?


Jensen Farms 'buys the farm'

Jensen Farms, the outfit over in Holly that was the shipping source of the contaminated cantaloupes last summer, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In a sense, Jensen Farms can be said to have 'bought the farm'.

Despite all the handwringing over Jensen Farms' "failures' in the Listeria outbreak, I'm finding it difficult to see where they are at fault, except in the minds of the Maggots of the Media and the left-wing liberal bleeding hearts who blame everyone for everything, except themselves.

The cantaloupes themselves - that is, the innards - were not contaminated. The contamination was external.

We commented on this some time back:

Contaminated melons

The bottom line remains: wash your produce before you eat it.

Meanwhile, those who think 'personal responsibility' is a figment of some ambulance chaser's imagination, continue to blame Jensen Farms:

Jensen Farms files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

wherein you will find this priceless jewel:

Hopefully Jensen Farms will be able to weather the storm and learn the importance of food safety at every turn from this serious mistake.

One would hope that Ms. Orman, as a Food and Drink 'expert', would put her forum to better use by educating her readers on how they should practice 'food safety'.

California City Bills Obama $35K After Campaign Fundraiser

    “I think it is appropriate to treat it like a private event — if another private event that large and which required that much police presence occurred, we would bill the event sponsor,” he said in an email. “If the president was here on presidential business, we likely would not have billed for that.”

  They should bill the Big O. Why should We the Taxpayer foot the bill for a campaign fund-raising bash wherein the filthy rich elite of the Democratic Party stuff their faces for $10,000 a plate for bacon and eggs?

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for payment, though.

"The blame has been placed ..."

"The blame has been placed on my brother because of America. We are facing a tough time and they should now support us. We should get justice and protection," he told Fox News. "Me, my brother, my family don't have any protection here. When I leave from this place, I don't know what might happen to me. I don't know in which guise someone might come for us. I am afraid of the government agencies, the Taliban and terrorists." 

Brother says Pakistani doc tortured ...

So what's the Big O and the rest of the Obamanians going to do about this?

What is the US Congress going to do about this?

So far, here is what we know has happened:

 US cuts $33 million in aid to Pakistan

The Senate chopped a million bux for every year of Dr. Afridi's sentence by the kangaroo courts of Pakistan.Out of an $800 million giveaway package.


We the People are giving the Paki thugs and bandits that form the Pakistani government, military, and police some $800 million this year. Less, of course, that $33 million.

Remember all that euphoria over the killing of Osama bin Laden? Remember how good it felt that OBL was finally sleeping with the pigs? Afridi is the guy who ran huge risks to himself and his family to help us achieve that.

Are we now going to toss him under the bus, in typical Obama fashion?


On Ryan's Pond

We did some macro shots over at Ryan's Pond this weekend.

Here's the gallery:

On Ryan's Pond


The "Pioneer Spirit" in The Smile Hi

Here are some excerpts from the minutes of the last city council meeting, wherein a public hearing was held to discuss the demolition of the Kit Carson, the Tabares building, and the wreck over on Edison.

These excerpts cause me to scratch my head as well as other places, and ask, in puzzled manner, WTF? Is this focus on government handouts some of that "Pioneer Spirit" of which our Movers and Shakers here in The Smile Hi are so proud?

Steve Simpson, 801 Colorado Avenue, who said he was distressed that “this City Council has allowed the Kit Carson to deteriorate and blames the City Administration for not doing something.”

Is this guy serious? How about blaming the property owner.  Perhaps Mr. Simpson should consider a career as a speech writer for Barack H. Obama.

George Larsen, 709 Cimarron Avenue, questioned the cost to tear down the house on Edison. He feels it is way out of line. Regarding the other buildings, he does not hold the City Council responsible for the condition of the buildings. It is not government’s job to take care of private properties.

You go, George!!! Those sentiments were expressed at the Urban Renewal meeting back in July 2010 though of course we are still watching them chase their tails around in circles, pondering in pedantic fashion how much of that free Urban Renewal money to give away to private for-profit businesses.

But then George says:

George Larsen said that there is should be a way to develop a program using federal money to assist business owners to maintain their buildings.

Really? We should use federal money to repair private business structures? Another candidate for writing speeches for the Obamanians?

And then Velma Simpson chimes in:

Velma Simpson, 801 Colorado Avenue, said the opportunity for millions of dollars has been lost in the valley because of not having planning processes in place and not having “shovel ready” projects in place so that federal money could have been used to rehab the Kit Carson Hotel. The City needs to have a process in place that is allowing visioning and planning to be happening enough in advance that when those opportunities present themselves the City can take advantage of them.

"... visioning ..."? Are you kidding me? In my experience, that's one of those Big City buzz words used when someone has either been smoking too much of that Hopium (comes with Change) or has been at a bit too much of the SEIU/Obama purple Kool-Aid. Ms Simpson seems unaware that we have a Planning Commission, though I have my doubts as to what, if anything, it does. Perhaps we could have a 'teachable moment' to go along with that 'visioning'?

Or is it simply the water here in The Smile Hi?

Aren't these some of the people involved in those "Community Conversations"?

Piles of money have already been spent on the Kit Carson, including at least $75,000 in Urban Renewal funds (see also the minutes of the June 15, 2006 Urban Renewal minutes for some interesting reading). We can only wonder what these fiscal geniuses did with that handout from the taxpayers. If there was a private for-profit business out there that saw any chance in hell of making money off that pathetic eyesore, don't you think that by now they would have come forward?

There has been considerable effort put forth to find such an outfit. It ain't happening. That's what we call a 'clue' that all those projected jobs and all that projected income and all that projected tax revenue are figments of fevered imaginations.

Do these people have any idea where 'federal money' comes from?

This seems to be what we are developing, here in The Smile Hi, with this kind of thinking:

Ineptocracy: (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

"Confiscated wealth" is where that 'federal money' comes from. It's also where Urban Renewal funds come from. It's where any form of tax generated revenues comes from.

Here's another one:

Rebecca Goodwin said that two of the three buildings discussed in the public hearing deteriorated long before the current owners but she would like to request ideas from the citizens about how to keep buildings from getting to this point. Please share any suggestions with City Council or the Urban Renewal Authority.

Sure, I have a suggestion. Light some legal fires under the asses of the property owners with more effective enforcement of nuisance abatement, rather than trying to suck more money out of the citizens to fix what the property owners let deteriorate. Last time we had this discussion it had to do with La Junta Mill and their scheme to try to get a half million bucks out of the taxpayers. Perhaps Urban Renewal should give more attention to actual blight reduction, rather than wasting time and tax dollars on tourism signs? How about some real leadership from Urban Renewal, rather than silly-assed interminable discussions, meeting after meeting after meeting, about paw prints in the sidewalks? I also wonder at how Ms. Goodwin reconciles confiscation of property through Urban Renewal provisions with her oft-stated position on eminent domain and Pinon Canyon.

Here's another one for you. Over at 3rd and Steen, on the northwest corner, there's a house on which a considerable amount of work is being done. How about the one on the northwest corner of 6th and Raton? One could reasonably assume that all these improvements will result in an increase in valuation. And property taxes. These houses are in the TID. Will those increased property taxes go into the Urban Renewal coffers? So why do we only hear about select businesses being considered for snuffling at the Urban Renewal trough? What about homeowners in the TID? 

So ... so long as this selective snuffling at the free money trough is the current thinking among at least some of the business community and those "Movers and Shakers" here in The Smile Hi ... can I have some of that free federal and Urban Renewal money to stucco my house, and put in a new air conditioner, and overhaul the sprinkler system, and add on a nice veranda? Why should we stop at business properties? Why not use tax money to maintain everyone's property? If the residentials become run down, doesn't that affect the marketability of the town as a whole? So following the thinking of these economic and fiscal geniuses, I should be able to get some of that free money too.

I ain't holding my breath.

King Neptune - a study in patriotic piggery

King Neptune (May 16, 1942 – May 14, 1950) was a pig used by a United States Navy recruiter to raise $19 million in war bonds for the construction of the Iowa-class battleship Illinois between 1942 and 1946.

King Neptune was born in a litter of 12 on the Sherman Boner farm near West Frankfort, Illinois. Originally named Parker Neptune, in honor of his father Parker Sensation, he was raised by Boner's daughter, Patty, as a 4-H project. Neptune was donated by Sherman Boner on December 5, 1942 and was originally intended to be served at a fundraising pig roast until the local navy recruiter had another idea. Neptune was a Hereford swine, a breed characterized as mostly red, with a white face, ears and at least two white feet, similar to that of the Hereford breed of cattle.

Navy recruiter Don C. Lingle, originally of Anna, Illinois and working at the Marion, Illinois office, decided to auction the pig to raise war bonds. Lingle and auctioneer L. Oard Sitter traveled throughout southern Illinois auctioning Neptune for bonds for the battleship Illinois which was under construction. Eventually, the individual parts of the pig were auctioned; his squeal was auctioned for $25 on at least one occasion. After each auction, King Neptune was returned to be auctioned again later. High demand for appearances by Neptune led them to travel the rest of Illinois raising funds. The mostly red, with white features, Hereford was often displayed covered with a blue Navy blanket and wearing a crown and silver earrings.

On March 6, 1943, Illinois Governor Dwight H. Green purchased King Neptune for $1 million on behalf of the state of Illinois. At the same auction, one of Neptune's bristles was sold for $500.

On one occasion in early 1945, a check was written to King Neptune for his upkeep. The bank asked Lingle to obtain the pig's endorsement to cash the checks. Lingle was promoted to Chief Petty Officer as a result of his fund raising efforts with Neptune.

Over the course of King Neptune's fundraising career, he, Lingle and Sitter helped raise $19 million in war bonds, equivalent to about $200 million in 2007 adjusted dollars.

In 1946, King Neptune was to be sent to the Chicago Stockyards, however Lingle regained ownership of the pig and placed it on a local farm where it spent the rest of its life.

King Neptune died of pneumonia on Ernest Goddard's farm near Anna, Illinois on May 14, 1950, two days prior to his 8th birthday. He was buried with military honors.


Paying attention to a forgotten Navy pig's plaque 

and more yet:

Iowa class battleship: BB-65 USS Illinois

The mysterious Dr. Welch

From the morning mail bag:

Doctor convicted of illegally accessing medical records

Dr. Welch shows as being associated with AVRMC:

Joshua A. Welch, MD

 Interim Stipulation and Consent Order, Vermont Board of Medical Practice (PDF)
Stipulation and Consent Order, Vermont Board of Medical Practice (PDF)

Dr. Welch eventually pled guilty to the federal crime of unlawfully obtaining medical records. For his crime, Doctor Welch kept his license and but required supervision in practice. 

When FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph confronted Dr. Welch, he declined to comment on this story and said he wasn’t sure his La Junta patients knew about his conviction.


The "Christian Right" is at it again

The "Christian Right", represented by those paragons of high journalistic standards BaptistPress and Crosswalk, are at it again.

This time, they have latched onto a press release by the National Right to Life Committee, wherein NRLC goes off on how the Obamanians are requiring security checks on unborn fetuses. This is used to illustrate the 'hypocrisy' of the 'pro-abortion' Obamanians. 'Pro-abortion' is so much more dramatic than 'pro-choice', don't you agree?

PolitiFact debunks the NRLC press release, but that doesn't stop BaptistPress and Crosswalk from using it to take a cheap shot at the Obamanians. And of course, NRLC has issued a second press release, accusing PolitiFact of 'constructing' its own interpretation of the NRLC initial release.

The bottom line is that you would have to be something of an illiterate idiot to reach the conclusion that the White House is requiring security checks of unborn children. It's fairly apparent that what the White House staffers who handle visits and tours are doing is this:

Ed Donovan, spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, said people misunderstood the email. Schafer’s email, he said, was an explanation of how to fill out information for pregnant women who will bring their new baby on future White House tours.

"This refers to a pregnant woman providing information for a tour in the future that will include the new family member. So when a 7-month pregnant woman is providing information for a tour that is 4 months in the future, there is a ‘place holder’ for the new baby," Donovan wrote in an email.

"Misunderstood"? It's a real reach from what Donovan describes to this, from NRLC:

"The pro-choice Obama White House requires pregnant visitors to count their unborn child as a person for tours of the executive mansion." Numerous conservative websites also picked up the story. Creative Minority Report ran it under the headline "Pro-Abort White House Counts Unborn as People on Tours."

That is absolute nonsense, and NRLC, BaptistPress, and Crosswalk should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such obfuscatory garbage as  'journalism'.

And they wonder why so many non-believers stay non-believers. The "Christian" press makes believers look like idiots.


Big Bad Bain

So this is Obama's campaign centerpiece:

Obama stakes his re-election on Bain attacks

In other words, The Big O is attacking private equity and free enterprise. And, he is dragging up 'dirt', if you can call it that, from twenty or more years ago.

Rather than tacking to the center, as many expected, Obama moved left and started preparing for an intense struggle defined by class conflict and the abiding belief that dominated in the pre-Clinton Democratic Party that great wealth is usually the result of great exploitation.

While it may appear at first glance that The Big O is quite capable of doing some of that 'exploiting' himself, perhaps he isn't doing as well as he may think. He is working hard driving a wedge between segments of the American population and pandering to the unionista thugs such as we see in the purple-shirted goon squads of SEIU.

But we see the bottom line right here:

Today’s Washington Post/ABC News poll tells the tale: 21 percent of voters find Romney’s career as a turnaround artist attractive, 21 percent found it a turnoff and 54 percent said it wasn’t a major factor. If Obama wants to win, he’s got drive that 54 percent way, way down. But here’s the problem: Romney and Bain were widely seen as very good at what they did, not plunderers but responsible corporate citizens. The harder Obama leans on prosecuting private equity, the more Democrats will feel obliged to talk about the necessity of such firms. (Hold that thought for a moment)

Our socialist president and his cronies are taking on private equity, private enterprise, free enterprise, American business. They are making all business owners, corporate, small, even moms and pops, look like greedy, grasping bandits who are crushing The Little People. However, in this case, "The Little People" are those who have become dependent on all those government entitlements. Kind of like 'workers' (and we use the term loosely) in Greece.

Back to those Democrats feeling the necessity of such as Bain:

Cory Booker, Democrat, and mayor of Newark, NJ: The attacks on private equity by Obama are "nauseating to the American public."

Steve Rattner, former Obama advisor and former head of the Obamanian auto industry task force: the Obama campaign ad about the KC steel mill taken over by Bain back in '93 was "unfair." Rattner also said,“I don’t think Bain Capital did anything they need to be embarrassed about. It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly, and was a leading firm.”

For as long as I can remember, which is back before the Jack Kennedy days, the Catholic church has leaned strongly toward the Democrats. Yet now we have 43 Catholic dioceses and apostolate bringing suit on constitutional grounds, against the mandated coverage of contraception in health-care plans.

Speaking of religious fervor, black ministers are taking some pretty good shots at The Big O over his position on gay marriage.

Senator Mark Warner, D-VA: while  Bain is "a valid topic of debate" he said Bain was "a very successful business" that did "what they were supposed to do."

Congressman Harold Ford Jr: "... as a matter of fact, private equity is a good thing in many, many instances."

Ed Rendell, Democrat and former governor of Pennsylvania: "President Barack Obama's Bain attacks are 'disappointing.'" 

And last, but by no means least:

Crain's Chicago Business: Off Message 

wherein Treehouse Foods and the La Junta pickle plant closing are discussed:

Amid all that optioning, TreeHouse did something else in 2005: On Nov. 26, it announced plans to close its La Junta, Colo., pickle plant, a move that claimed the jobs of 153 workers, most of them Hispanic — a big blow to a rural town with only 9,500 residents. The jobs paid a starting wage of $11 an hour, good pay for the area. The company blamed slowing pickle sales. But the locals are still furious.

"Prior to the closing, they told us this plant was as efficient as any, that they had hardworking and loyal employees," says La Junta Mayor Don Rizzuto. The firm even spent money on an expansion a few years earlier, and the town paid for needed roadwork. Adds the mayor: "In Chicago, 150 jobs is a pebble on the beach. In La Junta, it's a slice of the beach."


Meanwhile, Mayor Rizzuto has an offer: He'll pay the airfare for either Mr. or Ms. Obama to come and "look at the people and the town they're affecting." He adds, "If she and her husband are the champion of the little guy, it's amazing what they're doing."

Michelle Obama, you may recall, sat on the board of directors of TreeHouse Foods.

We may define Obama's idea of government and economics thusly:

Ineptocracy: (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. 

And here you thought it was going to be all about gay marriage.

(updated 10:15 PM 05.22.2012)

C'mon baby, gimme just one more chance ...

"The fact that we are here today to debate raising America 's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

 ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006


Taking a cue from CASB

Recently, we saw how the General Services Administration lost their collective minds, with their taxpayer-funded junkets to Las Vegas:

 GSA Las Vegas conference sparks outrage

Now, we have the US 9th Circuit pulling a GSA, with an even pricier junket to Maui:

Maui Wowie

back in the day, 'Maui Wowie' was really potent weed. Maybe it's still so today. In which case, one might wonder if our Federal justices and attorneys haven't been smoking it by the bushel.

In any case, it's really no different than what CASB  has been doing with their extravaganzas at the Broadmoor up in Colorado Springs.

Where's the outrage over CASB's bash at your expense, especially given the cuts to school budgets throughout the state?


Article II, Section 2

From the Big O, during his campaign trip to Afghanistan:

Today, I signed an historic agreement between the United States and Afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries - a future in which Afghans are responsible for the security of their nation, and we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states; a future in which the war ends, and a new chapter begins.

How's that fit in with this:

He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur ...

That's from Article II, Section 2, of that flimsy little bit of parchment known as "The Constitution of the United States".

A good many people are asking about that. Obama claims the document is not a 'treaty'. Here is an article on that:

Afghan agreement treads familiar ground

Interestingly, the three senators who objected to The Bush Agreement were ... wait for it ... wait for it ...

Joltin' Joe Biden

Hillary "We are the president!" Clinton

and ... drum roll ...

Barack H. Obama


"Why not take advantage of it?"

Here's one for ya:

Massive tax loophole allows illegals to receive billions in tax 'refunds' from the IRS

How can you get a 'refund' when you never paid anything in the first place? I have always wondered about that.

And now we have this.

Our low-rent President: "A despicable thing to do ..."

The heat is building over what could well be Obama's cheapest bit of grand-standing yet.

Last week the Big O's campaign let out a video bragging about his 'decision-making prowess' re the Osama bin Laden hit. That's the one in which they questioned whether Romney would have had the cojones to make the same decision.

Like Obama had much choice ... or like Obama had much to do with any of it, other than to sit there and figure out some CYA moves. Here is the now infamous memo on that:

Panetta memo

 MovingOn, SEALs and former SEALs are not happy with the politicization of the bin Laden hit:

Seals slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit for bin Laden killing during election campaign

I particularly like this observation by Ariana Huffington:

‘We should celebrate the fact that they did such a great job. It's one thing to have an NBC special from the Situation Room... all that to me is perfectly legitimate, but to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.’

She got that right.

Jury awards judgment against Pioneer Healthcare

Last Friday a La Junta jury awarded a $3.2 million judgment against Pioneer Healthcare over in Rocky Ford.

Excerpts from the Denver Post story:

A jury in La Junta has awarded $3.2 million to the family of an 88-year-old man who died of complications from an infected bedsore the size of a baseball.


When Frazier was taken to a hospital, his doctor determined that he was also dehydrated and malnourished. Hospital doctors said Frazier's death was linked to the bedsores. Colorado Health Department officials later inspected the nursing home and cited the facility for 27 deficiencies after discovering many problems including widescale infections.

Well, at least Pioneer isn't hitting up Urban Renewal for funds to fix their screwups.

More info from the plaintiff's law firm:

Law offices of J.M. Reinan, PC, obtains $3.2 million judgment in Otero County.