Jensen Farms 'buys the farm'

Jensen Farms, the outfit over in Holly that was the shipping source of the contaminated cantaloupes last summer, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In a sense, Jensen Farms can be said to have 'bought the farm'.

Despite all the handwringing over Jensen Farms' "failures' in the Listeria outbreak, I'm finding it difficult to see where they are at fault, except in the minds of the Maggots of the Media and the left-wing liberal bleeding hearts who blame everyone for everything, except themselves.

The cantaloupes themselves - that is, the innards - were not contaminated. The contamination was external.

We commented on this some time back:

Contaminated melons

The bottom line remains: wash your produce before you eat it.

Meanwhile, those who think 'personal responsibility' is a figment of some ambulance chaser's imagination, continue to blame Jensen Farms:

Jensen Farms files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

wherein you will find this priceless jewel:

Hopefully Jensen Farms will be able to weather the storm and learn the importance of food safety at every turn from this serious mistake.

One would hope that Ms. Orman, as a Food and Drink 'expert', would put her forum to better use by educating her readers on how they should practice 'food safety'.