Cowboy Wes McKinley

... is political toast after Tuesday's primary election.

McKinley faced Anthony Abeyta in the primary. Abeyta took the ballot, 1386 to 861. That's even more of a drubbing than McKinley was handed by that cute lil' filly from California, Lisa Grace Kellogg.  You will recall that 'the Malibu Cowgirl', as Kellogg was derisively nicked by McKinley's admirers, came pretty close to handing him his head in the last election. Though Kellogg actually lost the election, for a transplanted California lawyer gal to take that many votes against a 'favored son' was really quite the ass-whippin'.

McKinley term limits out of his general assembly seat this time so he's not up for re-election.

The more cynical among us saw McKinley's shifting of address over to Cokedale as laying the foundation for snagging a better-paying gummint job. County commissioners get paid quite a bit more than members of the state house of reps. The commissioner's job would have been quite lucrative for ol' Cowboy Wes ... but it looks like the Democrats have had more than enough of Cowboy Wes' showboating shenanigans and other embarrassing behaviors.

Interestingly, McKinley's supporters really worked Kellogg over the coals for taking up a local address in the district while maintaining her other considerable activities in Agoura Hills. Looks like ol' Cowboy Wes learned a thing or two from Kellogg ... imitation is flattery in its sincerest form, don't you think?

You can do a salary comparison by downloading this report in PDF format:

Salaries of state and county elected officials

So now ol' Cowboy Wes can ride off into the sunset. We would suggest he consider taking up the growing of hemp in commercial quantities there on yon ranch, wherein he could make piles of money, and laugh all the way to the bank.