Nuns on the run ...

The nuns gave the Vatican a blast from both barrels a couple of weeks ago. The nuns had been silent for some weeks after the Vatican had ripped them a new set of knickers.

With its scathing commentary directed at the nuns, the Vatican demonstrated once again just how out-of-touch the One True Church is regarding The Real World As We Know It.

The nuns’ bus tour is taking the issue a step farther, though, mere weeks after the Vatican called on American nuns to stop highlighting economic justice issues in order to focus more on other church priorities, including abortion, gay marriage, and contraception.

The Vatican has been leaning hard on the nuns, and this has really aggravated more than a few American Catholics.

Regarding the priorities of the One True Church, DeChant has this observation:

More than 77 percent of American Catholics consider using birth control morally acceptable. None of us can recall the last time we heard a priest support the Vatican's birth control ban from the pulpit; even our pastors -- looking into parishes with two-child families -- know that that ship has sailed. It left way back in 1963, when the pill was prescribed by Catholic doctors for the health and welfare of mothers and families. Our nuns should be the last to be interrogated on this issue, and at this late date. 

On the nuns' involvement with the Evil of 'social justice':

The nuns quit wearing the medieval habits that separated them from others, and many moved from convents into a larger community to serve in new ways. They also embraced the Council's call for dialogue, by not only talking with but listening to those they serve, many of whom are poor women. Would that our hierarchy could seek and get such an education! 

Clearly, 'the Council' view of 'dialogue' is akin to that marvelous line out of 'GI Jane':

"When I want your opinion, lieutenant, I'll give it to you."

and finally:

Does the Pope really want to force American Catholics to choose between standing with our nuns or with a male hierarchy interrogating them for nebulous infractions, with a stated agenda of keeping their findings secret? Where could we find Jesus in all this -- among our nuns, whose life of service is based on the Gospels' call to justice and charity, or in the Vatican, whose concerns appear to be power and secrecy?

I would suggest that those running the show over in the Vatican give a bit of reflection on why Martin Luther was moved to post his Ninety-Five Theses. It would appear that they have forgotten, and in so doing, have proved that while change is inevitable, some things never change. Is it time for a Second Reformation?

Leece observes:

It makes me sick that the Catholic church can protect pedophiles but treat these honorable women like toddlers.

You go, sistahs!