Capitalist oppressors of the masses

North Las Vegas declares 'fiscal emergency'

Union boss Len Cardinale shows a typical unionized entitlement mindset:

"They don't believe in supporting unions. They support downsizing, outsourcing, privatization, combining of services. That is a typical right-wing philosophy. And what I see is, for whatever reason, the mayor and city council have adopted a right wing philosophy," said North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association President Len Cardinale.

Cardinale, like most unionistas, apparently has no concept of where the money comes from, that pays his union members' salaries. It comes from tax revenues, and of late, North Las Vegas has a 14% unemployment rate, down from 17%. With that going on, where does Cardinale expect to find the money? You'd think Cardinale and his constituents would simply be glad enough to still have jobs, rather than whining about not getting their hog trough overtime pay and pay raises. I mean, like really ... who gets pay raises these days, except union bosses, CongressCritters, and Wall Street executives?

Rather than a vast right-wing conspiracy to crush the poor working man, it may simply have to do with making a budget work, and doing away with all that unionized candy-store mindset.

[Buck] says her governance is fully separate from the sharp divisiveness that's readily found in national and state politics. Simply put, she argues, the actions they've taken are what's in the best interests of the city. She highlighted the firefighter who worked enough overtime to double his salary and the parks department staffer who made $62 an hour cleaning toilets. "If the residents had their way they would have us fire all of those public servants and hire someone else at a lower pay."

$62 an hour cleaning toilets? And Cardinale doesn't see anything wrong with that? I wonder how much that bloodsucker is siphoning off from the union treasury. Doubling a salary via overtime? Who's minding the salary candy store?