"Christian" evangelists

A few days back, we put up a post about 'the new Glen Beck', one Todd Starnes. Starnes appears to the be the darling of frustrated Beckians who have been suffering ever since Brother Glen got the heave-ho from FoxNews. Starnes claims to be one of those 'evangelical "Christians"'.

I'm not entirely sure what an 'evangelical "Christian"' is these days, though it seems to be one who rants and raves primarily about Obama being a Muslim; how the country is going to hell in a handbasket because of all the liberals taking "God" out of wherever "God" is or is supposed to be;  how Muslims in general and their otherwise Godless liberal apologists are destroying our "Christian" nation; etc etc etc. Anything involving the US flag is guaranteed to get these "Christians" on a foaming-at-the-mouth rampage.

Starnes' column(s) are a good example of all that, so I guess he is a genuine modern-day 'evangelical "Christian"'.

A few days ago he threw up a post about "War veterans told to remove US flags". The gist of Starnes' latest bit of effort in getting his fellow 'evangelicals' to come out of the woodwork is:

"... the Palmer Lake VFW Post in Brooklyn Park, Minn. has flown Old Glory to show their support for American troops. The flags were posted on five area bridges. But now, the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation has ordered the veterans to remove the flags...".

Now, there isn't much deep thinking going on over among Starnes' readership. For example, I posted this comment:

What? Another plot on the part of the commie pinko Islamo-sympathizing Godless baby-murdering liberals to ban the flag? Oh... America, where art thou?

and though it would seem to be the blatant troll that it is,  it has nonetheless so far received 45 'likes' - most of them within a few hours of it being posted - as well as the usual assortment of name-calling comments one might expect in such a venue.

Starnes himself has 'liked' this comment. Now, this sort of emotional pukery is not limited to the likes of Starnes and his followers. You can go over to most any left-oriented forum and find similar stuff, just on that side of the spectrum. But they don't claim to be "Christians". Starnes and his pals do. If that's the evangelical Christian viewpoint - and it is; Starnes is nothing at all new - I'll pass on it, thanks just the same.

There is a fair amount of data out there about why people leave the Christian church. Most of it seems centered on young people, as we see in this article:

The Barna Group - Six reasons young Christians leave the church

The same sorts of things apply to older people as well, though the interest in older folks doesn't seem to be there. Perhaps it's because older folks aren't going to be around as long as the younger ones, so the church doesn't stand to lose as much funding from tithes. One can only wonder ...

In any case, Starnes and his followers offer no reasons why one should embrace Christianity, and every reason why one should flee from it as quickly, and as far, as possible.

Hatred and contempt are two of the things that prevail among Starnes' followers, and Starnes loses no opportunity to fan the flames of both. There is nothing "Christian" about any of this. Nor is there anything 'American' about it.

Sadly, Starnes is not only not unique; he seems fairly typical of evangelicals these days.