Michael "Soda Pop" Bloomberg - America's newest "boob" job?

Michael "Soda Pop" Bloomberg, not satisfied with his attempt to have the government regulate soda pop intake, is now attacking ... baby formula:

NYC Mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula

Under the city Health Department’s voluntary Latch On NYC initiative, 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals have also agreed to give up swag bags sporting formula-company logos, toss out formula-branded tchotchkes like lanyards and mugs, and document a medical reason for every bottle that a newborn receives.

And if you have a new mother who just won't listen to reason, and insists on formula-feeding ... well ... in those participating hospitals, she'll get the formula - but every time she does, she'll also get a lecture.

With each bottle a mother requests and receives, she’ll also get a talking-to. Staffers will explain why she should offer the breast instead.

Who knew that New Yorkers were such nanny-ized wimps?

Meanwhile ... Bloomberg, the 'health' Nazi, the fellow who wants to ban Big Gulps, and now baby formula, actually presided over one of the most egregious examples of gluttony this country has ever produced (outside of a church pot-luck, that is) - the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Bloomberg pigs out at Nathan's glutton-fest

The men's all 'round champ woofed down 68 dogs, complete with buns. You'd think that would make even a dyspeptic Poland China puke, but nope, not those New Yorkers! Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas took the wimmin's title with 45 dogs. A strong sense of social propriety prevents me from making 'Linda Lovelace' comments regarding Thomas' grand 'achievement', though this being the New Millennium and all, we could probably make similar observations regarding Joey Chestnut, the men's champion weenie gobbler.

 Just sayin'.

New York ... New York ... you gotta New York!