Obama plays filthy pool

OK, we're in the Final Four months before the election. The mud-slinging has turned into turd slinging. Neither side has clean hands. It seems, as usual, that they can't come up with any brilliant examples of their own plans for a national fix, so it's sling the sewage.

But The Big O and his crew are taking a cue from Todd Starnes and not allowing themselves to confused by fact. They persist in trying to link Romney to Bain, especially with the latest pile by Obama operative Stephanie Cutter. Cutter is pretty high up the Obamanian campaign's food chain as a 'deputy campaign manager':

"Either Mitt Romney, through his own words and his own signature, was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony, or he was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the American people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of his investments," Stephanie Cutter, deputy Obama campaign manager, said on a campaign conference call.

Implying that Romney is a felon is a pretty serious matter, I think. It's not a stretch to see it as being on a par with calling Obama a murderer because of 'collateral damage' associated with drone attacks over in Pakistan that he has approved.

Here is a pretty good article from CNN that debunks the charges levied by the Obamanians:

John King: Why is 1999 so important in 2012?

You should read the whole thing, of course, but here are a couple of choice excerpts:

But first, is there anything other than the SEC filings to suggest a hands-on Romney role at Bain post-February 1999?
No is the word from four sources who communicated with CNN on Thursday -- all of whom have firsthand knowledge of Bain's operations at the time in question. Three of the four are Democrats, and two of the four are active Obama supporters in Campaign 2012.
All four told me Romney is telling the truth.
Two highly reputable arbiters of political debate -- The Washington Post's fact-checking arm and FactCheck.org -- also on Thursday stood by their earlier findings that Romney stepped away from any active role at Bain when he accepted the Olympics post. And Fortune reported that it obtained private Bain documents that support the Romney account.

But here is a pretty good tidbit that says a lot about the Obamanians:

Only one, Bain Managing Director Steve Pagliuca, would talk on the record. The others spoke only on condition of anonymity, citing either Bain's low-key culture or the desire not to anger friends in the Obama campaign.

So ... 'the others', in speaking the truth about Romney and Bain, will anger their friends in the Obama campaign? What does that say about Obama and his minions?

The CNN/King article also debunks the Obmanian claims regarding Romney and Stericycle and Fund VII.

It's time for the Obamanians to find new straws to clutch; it's time for them to MoveOn. This one ain't workin' for them.

As for Cutter? She should be ashamed of herself. That 'felon' thing was really low rent, even for a political whore from either party.