Someone else made that happen?

Obama is defending his ' If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen' stupidity. Yes ... stupidity. There's no other word for that comment of his, unless perhaps it is ignorance.

Come to think on it, 'ignorance' is a better word. Obama is arguably not stupid, but just as arguably, he is ignorant.

He is taking shots (can I say that without triggering an FBI/CIA/DHS 'tactical' response?) at Romney now, for 'twisting' his words.

No one is 'twisting' his words. And no one is 'taking them out of context.' He said what he said. He was on a roll in front of his fawning, freebie-seeking admirers, and he was playing to his crowd.

He really aggravated a lot of small business owners. Here's one story:

Business owners know hard work, long hours lead to success -- and an early grave

and there are thousands upon thousands more out there.

“That is ridiculous. My husband had $6 in his pocket when he started.” Vento said to FoxNews.com about Joey Vento, who opened Geno’s Steaks in 1966 in the neighborhood of South Philly.“He worked hard his whole life to build the place up. We made a lot of money. Unfortunately he didn’t get to enjoy it.”

The Ventos made a lot of money? According to Obama the Ventos fall into that group of capitalist bloodsuckers who need to 'pay their fair share.' Never mind they worked their asses off since 1966 to earn that money. The government needs to take it away from them and give it away to someone else. Like, you know, to projects like the Kit Carson.That's a project that failed because the government just didn't shell out enough of someone else's money. Now that's an Obama project for you.

'Twisted' Obama's words?

The only thing that is 'twisted' here is Obama's view of how this country works.