The Kit Carson

Is finally on the verge of coming down.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the recent article on the removal of the signs:

When Babb first came to town, she asked the city for help in fixing the roof, which would have been considerably less expensive than the demolition which is taking place this week.

Babb received $75,000 from Urban Renewal back in 2006. The urban renewal board is appointed by city council.

Why is it that Babb continues on as though 'the city' has done nothing, when in fact 'the city' has shoveled a fair amount of free money into her pockets? What did Babb do with that money?

Wouldn't you like to have $75,000 in 'free' money? 

And though the statement gives the impression that it was merely a matter of fixing the roof, we find on Babb's Kit Carson Hotel website that the renovation was targeted at $5 million.


Yep. That's a lot of shekels. So if this renovation is such a solid money-making proposition, how come no investors of substance - other than free money from tax-generated or tax-related sources has been forthcoming?

And why is it all the fault of 'the city'?