It's the economy, you dolt

Rick Santorum exemplifies what is wrong with the Republican Party, with more of his religious fundamentalist horsecrap:

Republicans shouldn't shy away from abortion issue

an excerpt:

“People say we can’t win if we say those things,” the former Pennsylvania senator told the Ohio delegation this morning at its daily breakfast session. “We can’t win unless we say those things.”
That, from the fellow who said those things, and lost.

and then:

Still, he said many Americans’ financial problem “is not an economic opportunity problem as much as it is a family breakdown problem.”

Politicians are afraid to say that, not wanting to appear judgmental.

“The bottom line is we have a cultural tsunami happening,” Santorum said. “As much as we like to talk about the economy and jobs, we’re fracturing at the foundation.”

And he cited what he said was an issue even more important than the economy.

“This election is about something bigger than that,” Santorum said. “It’s about an assault on religious liberty.”

No, Rickie ... it isn't. It's about the economy, but the more the Republican Party tries to stick its collective nose into America's bedrooms, personal medical decisions, and other business which is no purview of any political party, the less of a political option the Republican Party becomes.

Are we going to be treated to an entire week of the Republicans shooting themselves in both feet, while sticking both feet in that collective mouth? Are we really?