Ryan's Run

Ryan's a Catlick. 'They' are taking shots at him not because he is a right-wing fundie whackjob, but because he is a penny-pinching scrooge whose fiscal views are out of step with the One True Church's ideas about 'social justice.'

Paul Ryan's religion problem

Ryan's rather extreme social re-ordering in his budget proposals, generally working against the poor for whom Catholics proclaim a preferential option, turns out to be traceable to the Congressman's affinity for a philosophy so starkly at odds with Catholic belief that the person Ryan proclaimed to have premised his life and governing philosophy upon -- Ayn Rand -- refers to the poor as "parasites" and "moochers." This, of course, is not in the Congressman's more polite demeanor, but his ideological pledge as recently as 2005 is squarely more in keeping with Rand rather than Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI).

 Pope Benedict and the One True Church have been roundly criticized for their collective condemnation of 'liberation theology', which forms a substantial chunk of 'social justice' thinking, particularly with regard to governments and their relationship to 'the people.' There are those who disagree, who write that Benedict and the One True Church have uttered no such blanket condemnation:

Pope Benedict on liberation theology

The fact is, the Catholics have long been a 'social justice' church, as have many others. There is, however, a split - or at least a significant dispute - between many American Catholics and the Vatican over the treatment of those who are actually doing the Good Works of social justice. The main proponents of that 'social justice' are not the higher ups of the church, but the nuns and other little papist heathens that the church tends to kick to the curb. This is important, since the nuns vote, and Benedict doesn't. Not here, anyway. Ryan's views are at odds with the works being accomplished by many of the nuns as they pursue their missions. Here's a fairly simplistic Pew thing on that:

Paul Ryan

I don't understand the Tea Party's infatuation with Ayn Rand, nor Ryan's. She was a bitch with a complete 'screw you' and 'what's in it for me' attitude. While her stories are pretty good - I prefer "We the Living" to the others - and have a certain attraction, most of the Tea Partiers and right-wingers I know are hardly on a par with Reardon and the rest of the innovative geniuses therein. They're party hacks, and if you scratch 'em, you'll find a religious fundamentalist union hack mindset, just in disguise. While many Tea Partiers and other 'conservatives' are advocates of the 'this is a Christian nation!' mantra, Rand was an avowed atheist. What she did have in common with 'conservatives' is her view that the poor and the disenfranchised at best  potential labor pools, and at worst  leeches upon the economy.

Is that how Paul Ryan sees We the People?

The Christian Right is in a laughable state of hypocrisy at the moment. Their political darlings are both heretics, by the standards of Christian evangelicals. On the one hand there's the holy-underwear-wearing Mormon blasphemer and his 'phony bible' -- just Google 'Christian view on Mormons' and look at what returns -- while on the other  hand there's the statue-worshipping, Jesus-eatin' papist heretic Paul Ryan.

Meanwhile, Huckabee, the gun-slingin' Baptist preacher who thinks holding Americans at gunpoint in order to listen to the sewage pumped out of David Barton's mouth is the way to go, is running around with a political boner a yard long. And Sarah Palin, even shriller than usual, is almost foaming at the mouth in excitement.Todd Akin has stuck his foot so far down his throat that you can see his toes wiggling out his backside; he seems to believe that women have a 'natural defense' that prevents them from becoming pregnant when they are 'legitimately raped.' From that, one can only deduce that if a woman becomes pregnant as the result of being 'raped', she really wasn't; she must have been asking for it. So that takes the 'abortion in the case of rape' discussion to a whole new level, don't you think? Michele Bachman continues to make the Christian faith sound like a collection of whackjobs with more in common with the Taliban than '... I give you a new commandment ...' (a commandment which Ryan's hero Ayn Rand found ridiculous); and Allen Quist seems convinced that stegosauruses hung out in droves in the temple at Angkor Wat - kind of like Egyptian cats, one might think. Of course, you would have to chase Quist down as he lurks about in porn shops to get his opinion first hand.

It's really quite pathetic. This is the best the Republican Party can come up with? This is what we have to look forward to, if and when they manage to scrape together enough votes to take the Oval Office?