"American" values? Or ... why I could vote for Obama

David Barton, pseudo-historian - and, I would go so far as to say 'pseudo-Christian' - recently had his latest book full of pseudo-history nonsense published by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Thomas Nelson has published a lot of Barton's garbage, but apparently this one turned out to be too much even for them. 

Barton is the darling of the likes of Glen Beck, Todd Starnes, and a host of other far out on the right fringes. They are all red-blooded American 'patriots' ... all of whom claim to be steeped in the Blood of the Lamb, good Christians all. Patriots who claim to stand for 'American values.'

'Patriots' like ... Mike Huckabee, another darling of the far right fringe.

Mr. Huckabee has an interesting concept of 'American values.'

Check this video, wherein he is introduced by Barton:

Did you catch that?

In case you didn't, here it is again:

 "I almost wish that there would be like a simultaneous telecast," Huckabee said at a conference last year, "and all Americans will be forced, forced — at gunpoint, no less — to listen to every David Barton message. And I think our country will be better for it."

Tell me where in there we can find anything even vaguely resembling 'American values.'

Tell me how that statement jives with the Constitution of these United States.

Tell me how that statement fits in with the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of lives in defense of the Constitution and this nation.

I can tell you that I did not serve more than twenty years in the armed forces of these United States to allow people like Huckabee to force Americans, at gunpoint, to listen to their perverted ideas about American values and 'Christianity.'

It's one thing for Huckabee to say that. Hey, it's a free country; if he believes that, then let him speak. And if people want to listen to that pathetic drivel, then what the hey ... why not. But before I would vote for Mike Huckabee for anything, I'd sooner vote for Barack H. Obama. Maybe even Nancy Pelosi.

What exactly does Huckabee think would happen if he and his minions ever tried to use force of arms to extort obedience from We the People? And does he really think that God will accept a confession of faith forced at the muzzle of a gun? Or an oath of allegiance pledged under the same duress?  Is there any difference between Huckabee, Barton, and the mullahs of Iran, who wish to force belief upon We the Infidels?

I am reminded of that statement often attributed to Sinclair Lewis: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.'

Huckabee is a perfect example of this thinking.

The greatest threat to America these days is arguably not Muslim extremism. The greatest threat to America is arguably the likes of Barton, Huckabee, Beck, Starnes, and those who would present this warped reasoning and thinking as "Americanism." We could also argue that the far left agenda of Obama and his supporters is a threat ... but I do not believe it to be as great a threat as the far right. So, given a choice between the likes of Huckabee and the likes of Obama, I would have to go with Obama.

Historical footnote:

Origins of the quote.