Dropping the religious chalupa

The Republicans continue to use God as a political ping-pong ball, as though the Almighty were ... oh ... a military uniform one could flaunt, or a flag in which one could wrap oneself, thereby proving that one is worthy to hold office.

The Democrats apparently withdrew God's membership in their party. He wasn't mentioned in the 2012 platform. Nobody seemed to notice, or much care - I don't know what God thought about it, but I doubt that he really cared, considering that he is clearly a Republican anyway - nobody seemed to notice, until Mitt Romney noticed, and called the Dems on it.

Then, Obama scrambled to 'fix' the situation. Claiming shock and surprise at the omission of God, and of any mention of Jerusalem, Obama told 'em he wanted it fixed. But despite what The Big O thinks, he does not rule by fiat, and A Vote Had To Be Taken.

That didn't work out very well:

That was clearly a two-thirds vote in favor? Tony was clueless and called it three times, before calling it like The Big O wanted it.

OK, so ... are the Dems a collection of Godless pinkos, bent on the destruction of America as we have known and loved her?

Nah. Why, I know lots of Democrats who go to church on Sunday and who profess to believe in God, and even in Jesus.

Could it be that the Dems, for all their faults, recognize that many Americans are not Christians, are not adherents to faiths rooted in that oft-touted 'Judeo-Christian tradition', and come from such diverse backgrounds that a reference to 'God' in the political arena is a bit much?

The major fault with the Republicans is that they cannot separate religion from politics. That is clear from their own platform. That is why we have the likes of Huckabee, Santorum, Bachmann, Quist, and any number of others trying to shove their version of God down our throats. These people demonstrate that the government requires protection from the church, as much as the other way around.

Leece is of the opinion that if one is really a Christian, or at least one who is really trying to be a Christian, and embracing Christ's teachings, then this will show through in lifestyle and manner of personal conduct. And that will translate over to how a person behaves as a politician. There is no need to insert God into any political party platform.

But Obama, realizing how the Republicans play this, just had to react to his strings being pulled by Obama ... and now the Democrats look like bigger clowns than before, with Mayor Tony pulling that farce of a vote the other day. In their own way, the Dems are as big a collection of clowns as the Republicans.

How sad for America.Meanwhile, all the pathetic little political Chihuahuas are nipping away at the dropped religious chalupa.