PFC James Jacques

PFC James Jacques, USMC, was born in La Junta in 1956 and grew up here. He moved to Denver with his family in 1971, and graduated from South High School.

In October, 1974, he enlisted in the Marines.

On 12 May 1975, the Khmer Rouge seized the USS Mayaguez, a cargo ship enroute to the  Royal Thai naval base at Sattahip, Thailand. Sattahip was a major supply point for US forces in Thailand. Though combat operations involving US forces had ceased on 15 August 1973, we still had a lot of support people  in the area. Ban Sattahip Airbase - more famously known as U-Tapao - served as a B52 base during the war.

PFC Jacques was killed, along with 17 of his fellows, in the ensuing attempt to rescue the crew.

They were the last Americans killed in the Vietnam war.  PFC Jacques is listed on the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial on Panel 01W line 131.

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PFC James J. Jacques

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