Soldiers and Marines

When is a soldier not a soldier?

When he is a Marine.

There is a difference.

A 'soldier' is in the army. Or the Army.

A 'Marine' is in the Marine Corps. The Marines are part of the naval service. They are not part of the army. Or the Army.

It isn't a difficult concept. They even have different uniforms, to help us tell the difference. They also have very different traditions of service to the nation, of which each branch of service is justifiably proud.

Yet any number of articles about the return of PFC James J. Jacques refer to him as a 'soldier.'

PFC Jacques was a Marine. He worked really, really hard to earn that; to become one of '... the few ... the proud ... the Marines.'

It would be nice if 'journalists' could respect that, and refer to him in proper manner.